The first question you must solve is whether a hotel or a rental apartment is better for you while thinking about “Where to Stay in New York City at Affordable Rates”. There are many factors in this decision, and above all, you have to take into account what type of trip you want.

If you travel with a large family or small children, it is not the same as the trip of a young couple who will only use the hotel to sleep, that of a couple who wants romantic intimacy.

Where to Stay in New York City at Affordable Rates?

Where to Stay in New York City at Affordable Rates

You also have to consider if you want to organize your tasks or want someone else to make your bed every day and everything is to your liking.

Accommodation in New York offers options for everyone, but not all options are suitable for all travelers. I do have to warn you that apartments’ prices are not necessarily lower than those of a hotel. Please consider that studio apartments for rent nyc or hotel, the square meter in Manhattan is highly valued, so it is not like in other cities in the world where what you pay more is comfort.

If you travel with a larger group where you do not mind sharing the space, the apartment may be somewhat cheaper, but do not think that the price is thrown for being an apartment, as many of us believe. It is better to base your decision for accommodation on travelers’ needs (comfort, services, and what we want to be included in the price).

If I See Cheap Accommodation in New York, Can I Have Problems Later?

As we have said before, accommodation in New York has many peculiarities, and you have to be careful. From many years of experience looking for a place to live or visiting friends in their homes, we know that it is not easy to find a space that offers the best guarantees. Many unprofessional New York apartments are dirty, the neighbors are annoying, or the neighborhood itself provides no security. These details lower the price, but what will you be paying in return without knowing the city?

Here are some Tips for Finding your first Apartment in good condition and with almost no security risk.

Keep in mind that the trip to New York is expensive in itself, and having an unforeseen event in the accommodation can ruin a trip. You have to take a good look at where you are going to stay, because if you take a private apartment, you may find that it cancels at the last minute, for example, and you get stuck leaving the trip at the end much more expensive.

It can also happen that the photos do not correspond to reality or that comfort is conspicuous by its absence. And you will say, but if we only go to sleep! Yes, but you will walk a lot and what less than to rest well at night to recharge.

So remember the saying: “Cheap, in the end, is expensive.” And in New York, one of the most expensive cities that I have encountered in my day-to-day life is right after years of experience. So if you have doubts or want to get it right, ask us, and we will be happy to guide you with the accommodation.

What neighborhood in New York do I want to stay in?

At this point, we are going to start with some fun. Do you fancy a quiz to find out which is your ideal neighborhood?

We will give you a “secret”; New York is a vast city. Did you already know? Well, I’ll tell you that Madrid, where I lived for five years, seemed very small and quiet when I saw it for the first time (that means a lot). And as a vast city, it has many neighborhoods to stay in, and it can be challenging to decide which area is best for you. Although you will have already taken the quiz to see which would be your “ideal” area, I will give you some tips.

If you’ve never been to New York, I could almost guess that you will most likely love the Times Square area. Many of you who contact us tell us and this is because rumor has it that it is best to be in Times Square to be in the center of everything and to be able to move better. It is right and no. Times Square is correctly connected and in the “mogollón” of the chaotic action. 

But keep in mind that in New York, you will spend all day moving from one neighborhood to another, taking the subway, and never being in the same place. There are much more desirable neighborhoods, better priced, better places to eat, less noise, and less noise, and more pleasant.

We recommend the Upper West Side, a beautiful neighborhood full of life and restaurants, steps from Central Park and the Museum of Natural History. On the other hand, we have Harlem Leaving Manhattan (yes, staying outside of Manhattan is an option, hehe!) We have some neighborhoods in Brooklyn that are fashionable and have very different environments to those of the main island, although I would look in Queens if you want to save a little.

 By the way, any corner of the city can be dangerous or not. It is a great city, and you have to have some head when you move around it. If you return later than midnight, it is better to go by taxi, and if you have a feeling of insecurity, do not go that way; I would give you the same advice in Madrid or any other city.

What Prices Can I Expect to Stay in New York?

In New York, there is everything, but you also get what you pay for (or at least that should be the idea). A night in a mid-range hotel can cost you between $ 150 and $ 200 a night for a couple (depending on the season), a hostel with a shared bathroom and roommates costs you about $ 80 a night, and a hotel with more comforts and charm, Without asking crazy things, it can be around $ 300 a night.

It is also essential to be careful with the dates. If you are lucky enough to travel outside of the high season, prices tend to drop (January, February, March, late October, and early November are the best). In general, we can think that they are very high prices, but it is what an island city has – there is no more space to build, so it works by the law of supply and demand.

The best advice I can give you to find accommodation at a reasonable price is to prepare for your trip in advance because this gives you more options to find a good deal with what is possible. Thanks to working directly with many accommodations, we access special prices that often exceed those online or equal them with a particular treatment, so without any commitment, you can ask us and we will be happy to help you.

Is It True That Spaces are Small in New York?

Indeed, one of the things that we always warn clients who contact us is to prepare to change their space standards in hotels. The square meter in New York is gold, and having a little more; you have to pay for it. This means that there is not much room to move around, the closets are small, and a spacious room cannot usually be asked.

But don’t worry! What you need to pay the most attention to in your accommodation in New York is that the room is comfortable, clean, the neighborhood is good, and if it is a hotel that they are kind to you and if it is an apartment that if possible be professional, and there is an agency behind. If this is true, space should not worry you.

Should I Look for the Included Breakfast?

There are indeed hotels that have breakfast included, but it should not be the determining factor when deciding where to stay in New York. I’m going to tell you why. A small shop sells something for breakfast in almost every corner of the city (such as muffins, bagels, croissants, or even pancakes). And if you like stronger breakfasts, there are diners in all neighborhoods where you can eat much more than in the hotel, in a more authentic way, and for a price that often does not exceed 8 or 10 dollars per person.

If you ask at reception, they can surely advise you. If you organize the trip with us, we will help you report on our favorite places to have them signed up before arriving in NYC. We know and work with hotels with an excellent price without breakfast included, but combining your room’s worth with a good breakfast nearby comes out much better in price and more authentic. Did you know that many New Yorkers buy breakfast on the street on their way to work? What better way than to integrate into the culture!

What Services Can I Expect from an Accommodation in New York?

Imagine the disappointment of arriving at a hotel, tired from the flight, and realizing that the hotel does not have an elevator. It is certainly not the best start for a dream trip to a destination like New York. You always have to find out the details (especially for those who are looking for deals.) It is essential to know that the hotel has Wi-Fi, an elevator, and other services that you need for a comfortable trip.

For example, if you are traveling with a baby or someone with special needs, it is essential to ask before booking. There are many options, and it is not that difficult to find accommodation in New York to accommodate any traveler. We know each other personally, and we are always up to date with each accommodation’s services and news that works with us so that there are no subsequent surprises.

Can I Count on Authentic New York to help me Stay in New York?

Of course, organizing the entire trip with us, we will be happy to learn more about the type of traveler you are and advise you on the neighborhood, the kind of accommodation, and make sure it meets your needs.

Also, you will not pay more for the management, and we will try to get you the best price for our direct relationship with the accommodations.

When we finish with the flights and accommodation, we will help you organize the trip in a personalized way, solving your doubts, advising you, and preparing customized planning. We love to share what we know well, New York!

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We hope now you have the correct answer to “Where to Stay in New York City at Affordable Rates” but if you still have any queries, then you can drop your queries in the comment section below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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