Credit Card Question and Answer

Credit Cards Question and Answer

Credit Cards Question and Answer – Top 100

  • Can I get an interest free credit card?

  1. Today some credit card companies offer 0% interest promotions but for a very limited time on purchases or balance transfers.
  2. To avail of these promotions, the most required is a good credit score and other requirements like fees.
  3. Credit cards defaulters specifically people with poor credit score may have higher interest rates.
  4. It’s always important to carefully read the terms and conditions of any credit card offer before applying.
  5. Always compare offers from multiple credit card providers to select the best 0% interest credit card.
  6. Always make sure to pay your bills on time or before the due date, as even one missed payment or EMI can negatively impact your credit score and result in late fees which is not suitable for your CIBIL.

  • How to get a credit card right away?

The process of getting a credit card can be a little different for all of us. It will depend on your credit score and credit history. Here I will share all those details that which will help you to get instant credit card right away.

  1. Check your credit score: Before applying for a any credit card, it’s a good idea to check your credit score online . This will give you an idea of which type of credit card offers you may qualify for. Credit score reflect your creditworthiness.
  2. Apply for a Secured Credit Card: A secured credit card is one that is backed by the amount you have deposit as a collateral. This credit card is perfect for those kind of people, who do not have credit history. If you want high credit limit then you have deposit more money.
  3. Apply for a co-signed credit card: If you have a friend or family member with good credit score and they may be willing to co-sign for a credit card with you. This simply represents that you are you will get good credit score because of your friend or family member good credit.
  4. Apply for a retail credit card: Some retail stores offer credit cards that can only be used at that particular store or limited places. Fewer documents are required for these types of credit cards, credit card limits are also less and interest rates are also higher.

  • When paying off your credit card bill and you want to keep or earn a higher credit score. What you have to do?

To keep or increase credit score when paying off your credit card bills:

  1. Always Pay on time: Late payments will lower your score and credit credibility. So always make practice to pay to bill before due date.
  2. Keep credit card usage low: High usage of your credit card can damage your score. Frequent usage of credit card some mistakenly skip your credit bill payment.
  3. Try not to close old credit card accounts: Credit card history help to in determining your score. Good credit history can boost your current credit card score.
  4. Use different type of credit card: Using a different types of credit can increase your score. Different type of credit card have there unique method to generate score.
  5. Avoid applying for new credit card regularly: This is not a good practice to apply nee credit card frequently. This can lower your score.

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