If you get to know about how many working hours in a year then it will be helpful for you to simply calculate your potential salary whenever you are looking for a new job. Like, you see a job listing that will show you a wage of $15 per hour and by knowing the hours in a work year, you can easily be able to calculate this. It is really not simple as every year is different. 

How Many Working Hours In A Year

how many working hours in a year

The general thing is that there are 52 weeks in a year and the average full-time employee will generally work 40 hours a week. By this, you can easily be able to calculate the number of hours in a work year which is 2080 hours. If we estimate in this same manner then the number of workdays in a year is 260 days. 

  • Weeks in a year: 52
  • Number of Workdays In a Year: 260
  • Hours In A Work Year: 2080

There are generally 52.143 weeks in a year and 52.286 in a leap year. In reality, there are nearly 260 to 262 workdays in a year and 2080 to 2096 work hours as well. 

Workdays & Work Hours For 2021

For the year 2021, there are a total number of 261 days and also 2088 hours into a working year. 

Do you ever feel it gets a bit too complicated? You are willing to calculate the real hours for which you are working every year. I just simply love to stick with the general consensus of the 2080 hours. 

Actual Hours Worked Per Year

Do you ever realize that we forgot something? Yes, we really forgot that some of the full-time employees will also get the benefits of the paid holidays and also the paid time and also the sick time or the sick leave as well. 

Generally, people will get:

  • 10 paid federal holidays
  • 80 hours PTO
  • 7 days sick leaves

2080 hours – 80- 80- 56= 1864

This means that you will be able to get paid for nearly 2080 hours but the real working hours in a year is 1864.

How Many Working Hours In A Year?

When I calculate the work hours in a year and suddenly realize how much our jobs will rob time from our life. We will get a total number of 365 days in a year and that’s nearly 8,760 hours in a year. How much do we actually get from outside of working and sleeping as well. 

I just simply want to calculate how much free time I really have after doing proper work. So, here is what I did:

  • Nearly 260 workdays x 11 hours per day = 2860 hours taken by work. 
  • Generally sleeping for nearly 8 hours per day x 365 days per year = 2920 for sleeping. 

8,760 hours in a year + 2860 work hours – 2920 sleeping hours = 2980 hours for ourselves in a year. 

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So, as per all the above-given calculations based on “how many working hours in a year”, I completely realize how valuable our time is. Also, if we are lucky enough we will get 2980 hours in a year to do whatever we want. This will not include the time taken by the cooking, cleaning, child-rearing and also the millions of other tasks which we have to accomplish. So, simply use your time to simply enjoy your life and also to take proper care of being well. 

By realizing how many hours we are spending on working, it will be helpful for us to save money. I really think about some of the things by the amount of time I have to work in order to pay for them. If you will get $15 per hour that Birkin bag is not $11,000 and it is nearly 733 hours of your life. That $40 meal at the restaurant is nearly 2.6 hours to work. It will make you simply stop and think before buying something.

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