HCL Hikes Salary Packages For Freshers – As part of their plan to simply increase the fresher base, the HCL starts talking about the educational institutions where they select the kids and ask the educational institutions in terms to make a part of the curriculum so that they can be able to complete them and also join at Rs.6 lakh per annum. 

HCL Hikes Salary Packages For Freshers

HCL Hikes Salary Packages For Freshers

After two years of the Covid-19 pandemic, things seem to get back on track and also more so for the freshers. The answer is higher pay packages and Noida-based It company HCL technologies which have hiked the salary package of the freshers from the previous Rs.3.5 lakh per year to Rs.4.25 lakh per year. 

With this, the IT major also introduced the comprehensive increment plant to the entry-level in the previous fiscal year as per their chief human resources officer VV Apparao. The skills are so premium and we will increase the grades and if you are looking at the fresher talent, we are paying Rs.4.25 lakh per annum to all the graduates now and apparel told to the economic times. 

The company also changes in salary package and also their appraisal plans which are aimed at attracting more talent and also combating the acute attrition challenge. Also, the wage hike will be announced in July. A huge focus was set on the retention and the growth of the fresher by its system and it will simply take a few more quarters for the HCL before the attrition rate rises to the present 20 percent level. 

The country’s third-largest software service provider in terms of revenue is also broadening its base in the small cities and also abroad to simply see the talent base balloon. 

HCL Plans for Freshers

As a part of their plan to simply increase their fresher base, the HCL is talking with the educational institution where they select these kids and asking the educational institutions to simply make it a part of the curriculum so that they can be able to complete these and also be able to join at Rs. 6 lakh per annum. 

This hike into the package in FY22 is into the addition of HCL’s existing programmers which allow the fresher to get the extra certifications in terms to increase their compensation of Rs. 6 lakh in a year. 

HCL tech reported an operating margin of 18 percent for their quarter-end on March 31 and 18.8 percent for the complete fiscal year which is at the lower end of the estimate due to the higher employee costs and also the seasonal dip in the products and the platform’s business. 

Fresher Hirings at HCL

In FY22, the IT company exceeded its guidance for the fresher hires and welcomed the 23,000 recruits. Also, for the present year, the HCL predicts nearly 34,000 fresher recruits and of the total employee of 208,877, HCL’s fresher intake is nearly 11 percent. 

It is quite less than the fresher intake rivals such as TCS and Infosys at the 1 percent and fresher intake as the share of their overall employee base in the Fy22. 

Last year, we rolled out the increments defining the fresher compensation grids and corrected the same for the previous five batches. Also, we rolled out a couple of the retention kitties and I don’t think that there will be a need for anything more than we are given as the increment last year as it was not the standalone increment said by Apparao.

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So this was the news for freshers about HCL Hikes Salary Packages For Freshers and if you are a fresher working for HCL then you must be so happy to see this news.

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