SBI ATM Card Status: As you know that SBI is one of the biggest banks in India and it is replacing its old ATM cards which come up with the magnetic stripe along with the chip. As instructed by the RBI, it is compulsory for the bank to only issue chip-based cards.

So, if you are willing to change your previous card which is not having any chips then you don’t need to worry about it. Basically, SBI already created your card and you will get your card at your registered address. Also, if you receive any message about a new atm card that gets dispatched then you can simply teach your status online in an easy manner. 

How to Get SBI ATM Card Status Online

SBI ATM Card Status

So, today in this post we are going to tell you about how to do SBI debit card tracking and status details online by simply using your device like your mobile or laptop, desktop.  

SBI Debit Card tracking – Complete Guide

So, here we are going to tell you about the SBI debit card tracking online process. If you really want to know about how to check SBI debit card tracking then simply check out the below-given details which will be very helpful for you. 

  • Firstly, you need to open the SMS app by using your mobile, and then you need to note your postage tracking number. 
  • Now, you are required to open the Speed post tracking website by simply using your smart device. 
  • Then, make a click on the option of Track Consignment option which is available on that page. 
  • Now, you need to type your SBI debit Card Tracking Number and also, make sure that you also need to solve the security question. 
  • After doing all these steps, you need to click on the Search button. 
  • When your SBI debit card tracking details get verified then you will be able to see the SBI ATM Card status on the display of your device. 
  • So, now you can easily be able to get the current status of your card and also the package starting point, and also, you can easily get the exact idea of the delivery of your card at your given address. 

By using these simple steps, you can easily be able to get the SBI debit card tracking status details by simply using your device. 

When you get your card then you are required to activate that card and also, you need to generate a PIN for that card in the process to attempt any type of transaction by using your atm in the future. 

How to Activate SBI Debit Card?

If you want to know you can activate SBI debit card, then we have shared an in-depth step by step guide for our readers, simply follow this guide here.

How to Generate SBI ATM PIN?

If you are willing to activate SBI debit card and want to generate ATM PIN then simply check out the below-given steps. 

  • By ATM
  • BY Using Internet Banking
  • Through SMS

Final Verdict:

So, we hope that you understand the complete process of SBI debit card tracking and status details which you can simply track on your device. Also, you can easily be able to get your card status and tracking details online by just simply sitting at your home and also be able to activate your card by sitting home as well. Also, if you have any issue or any query related to your new SBI ATM card then simply let us know by dropping a comment below.

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