It may be possible that you want to know How to Delete Card From Uber after it expires or for other reasons. So, if you really want to delete it from uber then this article is going to be helpful for you.

With the help of this article, you will get to know about a step-by-step guide by which you can easily be able to delete credit cards from Uber.

As you know uber is one of the useful services to get around the town and it is so easy and simple to take out your phone and enter the destination and then request a ride. 

Before you know about it, that vehicle is on its way to pick you up and you are on your way. Also, the payment is so easy, and with all the payments which occur in the app. It means that you don’t need to fumble with the cash or you can put your credit card into the unknown machine. Sometimes, you may need to remove your credit card from the uber service and it is not a tough task but it needs the users to simply follow some of the simple and easy steps. 

Today, here in this article we are going to talk about the steps which you need to take and also some of the easy and common questions which people ask related to the process of how to remove credit card info from uber. So, you have to keep reading this article till the end to know all the details in a proper and simple manner.

How to Delete Card From Uber

How to Delete Card From Uber
How to Delete Card From Uber

You need to know that it is so important for you to remove the expired credit card from your uber account. So, to know the process, you need to read this article till the end. This article helps you to know all the basic steps which are required to complete the process of How to Delete Card From Uber app.

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Why You Would Want to Remove Your Credit Card From Uber

The question is what would make you want to delete your credit card details from the Uber app. There are lots of reasons behind this and to begin, you may need to switch to a different option of payment. 

Uber generally accepts all the major credit and debit cards which will also include the visa, MasterCard, discover, and also American express as well. They don’t take cards and you can also be able to pay by Venmo, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, commuter benefits, or also by using the uber gift card as well. 

If you are willing to select one of these other methods then you need to have your card to attach with the uber account. For security reasons, it will also make sense to delete the details of your old card as it means some vulnerabilities to your financial information. 

Another reason to delete your credit card details from the Uber account is that you are leaving the uber service or stopping using the uber services. If you are willing to delete your account then you don’t want details to stay there as it will become an unnecessary security risk. Yes, it is not required to delete your credit card details from uber at all. 

If you want to update your payment details as you receive a new credit card with the updated expiration date, uber provides the option to simply edit the payment details. Also, it will prevent the user from having to delete their data and simply take the time to enter it again. 

You may be a victim of a hack, fraud, or scam like Uber say My Name Scam which is going around. If it happens to you then it is unlikely that you are willing to continue to use the service. We are going to share with you how to edit your existing credit card details in the next section. Assume that you don’t want to remove your credit card from the uber. 

Steps to Learn How to Delete Card From Uber

If you really want to delete credit card from uber eats then you need to check out the three different methods which we are sharing below. These are the methods that are generally used by customers to delete their personal or sensitive information like their credit card or debit card details. 

  • Launch the Uber Application

At the very first step, you need to open the uber app on your device. You will see a black icon and uber is written on that which is the trademark of uber. Simply click and open that app on your android device. 

  • Tap on Three Horizontal Lines

When the app gets launched, you will see the three horizontal lines which are available on the top left side of the homepage of the app. Simply make a click on it and then a sidebar menu along with several options will open. 

  • Tap on Payment

Now, you will see lots of options like your trips, help, and much more. You are required to make a click on the option of payments and then it will allow you to simply add or delete the method of payment. 

  • Tap on the Card

Then on the payment page of payment, you will see all the payment modes which were added by you in the uber app. You just simply need to make a click on the credit card which you are willing to delete. Also, you can add another payment option on that page. 

  • Tap on the Three Dots

Now, on the top right side of the page, you will see their dots. Simply click on it in terms to open the settings of the card.

  • Tap on Delete Payment Method

Now, finally, you can make a click on the option to delete the payment method in terms of credit card from uber website which was added to the uber app. 

  • Tap on Delete

For the confirmation, you need to make a click on the delete option and then it will show a pop-up from the bottom of the page. You can also click on the cancel option, in case you want to go back. 

So, now your credit card is finally deleted from uber in a permanent manner. Now, you will not be able to pay the uber payment by using a credit card. Also, you will be able to use other cards or another payment method that you want to add. We suggest you always delete your expired credit card from uber. 

Call Uber Customer Support

If you are an uber customer or rider and willing to cancel your uber account then you need to make a call to customer support. As per the laws, the company is obligated to delete all your database records which also include the methods of payment and details of payment and to remove credit card from uber account

If the terms and conditions are applied then the customer support team will assist you to remove them. Also, you need to ensure that you make a call only to uber’s customer services only if your mobile or credit card is stolen. 

Online Request at Uber Support Portal

In terms of providing the best and most reliable service, Uber provides lots of payment methods to their customers. These methods also include cash payment, and also the cashless payment as well by using the e-wallet and net banking or also by using credit and debit cards as well. In this case, both the users mean rider, and partner are required to open their personal account and need to link their bank account details with it. 

You need to enter the credit card details like credit card number, expiry date, and also the CVV number and apart from that, you need to enter your ZIP code as well. 

All the time, customers are required to use at least one payment method to use the uber service. 

  • If you have a personal account then you get help and assistance from uber’s online help portal. 
  • Also, you need to make a sign-in in terms of using your account on the homepage by using the link. 
  • Now, you need to select the “Account and Payment Options”.
  • The users who signed in can be able to request or complain and are able to get the proper assistance and guidance. 
  • You can be able to request account deletion, deactivation of business, and also be able to update the payment methods as well. 
  • Also, uber will address the account ha**ing and questions related to the payment. 
  • You need to ensure that you submit a succinct and also clear message to get immediate assistance. 

Use Smartphone Uber App

If you want to delete a credit card from uber then you can do so by just using a smartphone app. To know the complete details, check out the steps below. 

  • It is one of the easiest and simplest methods because of its effective and instant result. 
  • It will retain your personal account and also you need to use your mobile number in terms of adding a new mode of payment. 
  • First of all, you need to download the smartphone app from Uber. 
  • Then, click on the icon of the menu which is available on the top left side of the screen of your mobile. 
  • After this, make a click on the help option from the menu. 
  • Now, you need to open the Account and Payment option. 
  • Simply add your digital wallet or also you can be able to add a new debit or credit card and then click on the SAVE button. 
  • Finally, you can edit the credit card details which are available in the payment section, and then make a click on the Delete option. 

How to Remove Your Credit Card from Uber in 3 Easy Steps

In terms of removing your credit card from uber, you are required to simply read and follow the steps that we are going to share below. These methods will work on android and also on iPhone devices as well. 

  • Navigate To The Payment Menu

To start, you have to simply open the uber app and then make a click on the menu icon which appears at the top right side of the display. Here, you have to make a click on the button which says payment. Now, you will see a complete list of all the payment methods which were presently associated with your account. The first card appears on the display if your default payment method. 

  • Open the Delete Options

To begin to delete the payment method, click on it. It will simply show you all the details related to the method of payment. In terms of access to the delete menu, you have to make a click on the three dots which appear on the right side of the display. 

  • Press “Delete” and Confirm

In terms of deleting the payment method, you have to make click on the delete button. The uber app will simply ask you “are you sure you want to delete this payment method?” You have to click on the “delete” to confirm your action. Finally, your card is now deleted from your uber account. 

How to Edit Your Uber Credit Card Information?

If you get a new card with the updated expiration date, then it doesn’t make any sense to simply delete your credit card and also add all the same details again. For cases like this, uber shows the edit option which you are able to use. In terms of getting this option, you need to follow some of the steps which we are going to share below. 

  • First of all, you have to open the payment menu in the uber app. 
  • Now, make a click on the payment method which you are willing to edit. 
  • There, you need to click on the three dots on the upper right side of the display. 
  • After this, make a click on the edit button and now you will be able to see and also be able to edit your credit card details. 

How to Remove Your Credit Card From Uber? 

For security reasons, uber will make you simply re-enter your card CVV and also the zip code every time when you change the details of your uber account. Also, you have to enter your password to simply confirm the change. When you have made all the required changes then make a click on the Save button to simply update your card details.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are willing you know some of the common questions which people have related to the process of deleting their credit card information from uber. 

  • Does Deleting The Uber App Delete My Credit Card Information?

No, it doesn’t. It will delete the details from your phone but your details will still be available on uber’s services. Also, it serves as the convenience to measure in case you have downloaded the app again. Also, it allows you to simply pay for the rides which you have ordered from the computer. 

  • Does Deleting My Uber Account Delete My Credit Card Information?

Yes, completely deleting your uber account will also remove all the details related to you. You need to keep one thing in mind Uber needs to retain some account details for the law enforcement which were used for some illegal activities. Also, the uber is vaguely related to what this means for the credit card info but as we tell you that deleting your account means that your credit card details will go with it. 

  • If Someone Steals My Phone, Can They Use The Uber App To Steal My Credit Card Information?

It is not directly possible and when uber gets your credit card details then it will obscure the complete number of credit cards. Also, the thing which a thief will be able to see is the last four digits of your card and also the expiration date of your card. It will only pose a security risk if you are already having a credit card number and CVV as well. 

  • How Can I Get Help Deleting My Credit Card Info From Uber?

If you are having issues while removing your credit card details or while adding a new payment method then uber will help you with it. The place from where you begin will be uber’s help center which has the answer to common questions and also a step-by-step guide for such types of situations. 

If it will not be helpful for you then you can simply contact uber customer support for more assistance. 

  • Does Uber Accept Cash?

No, the company doesn’t accept the cash payment for the rides, You just need to use one of the payment methods which we have discussed above. Also, you can’t just delete the credit card details and then need to pay for your future rides in cash.

Removing Your Credit Card From Uber Is Easy

We hope that you understand the complete process of how to remove your credit card from uber. If this article is helpful for you and helps you to complete this task then do share this article with other people so that they also get benefited from this article. Also, if you are having any queries then feel free to connect with us by simply dropping a comment in the below-given comment section.

Uber uses communication devices and software technology in terms of the safety of the customers in urban areas. Also, the company expanded its service by providing ride-sharing and driving and also courier, and also food delivery as well. 

Customers can also be able to be intact by using the smartphone app or also the online platform for real-time services. Also, uber comprises the storage devices and also the cloud computing and tools related to software. 

Uber also stores the history of the ride and also your personal information and also the details of your bank account as well. If you have any issue or query related to uber then you can also be able to connect with uber customer service and they will assist you by providing the best solutions for all your query in a very fast manner.

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