How Much Money Do Uber Drivers Make in Atlanta – The Atlanta area is so thick with people who are trying to simply make it from point A to point B and lots of people are mainly crashing in the rideshare trend and also by simply attempting to make an overall income by simply driving for Uber and Lyft.

There are mainly the best deals with the potential to make money in an area as busy as Atlanta. 

How Much Money Do Uber Drivers Make in Atlanta

How Much Money Do Uber Drivers Make in Atlanta

Uber and Lyft drivers generally make an average annual salary which is $38,000 by simply working forty-hour a week. There is a potential to simply make more than this only if you drive during peak time into the buddy part of the city consistently. 

How Stable Is the Income For Uber Drivers in Atlanta?

Before you move ahead and quit your day job, there are some things that you need to know related to the rideshare industry. First of all, the people are willing and need to know that they can be able to expect a stable income and they always need the same amount of money at the end of the month or the week. 

The income will also be associated with the driving for Uber and Lyft which is mainly not considered a stable income. You need to have the potential to simply earn more money if you are having a flexible schedule that will simply allow you to work during the peak time. 

They also include the morning and evening commute hours, weekends, and also late nights in the early morning. When the drivers are in high demand, you are required to have the potential to simply earn more and more. 

How Much Money Do Uber Drivers Make in Atlanta?

Lots of people will drive only uber or Lyft in their spare time and these drivers will see the low salary as they will be able to accept the rides during these short windows instead of planning their day around driving during the peak time. You need to be willing to work in the busy part of the town if you are willing to fill up the backseat of your car. 

The more passengers you have, the more money you will be able to earn during your driving shift. You need to ensure to simply plan so that you will be able to work in a smart manner instead of working harder. It also gives you the better chance to simply create a stable income for yourself as well. 

Do Uber Drivers Earn More in Atlanta?

If you could drive only for one rideshare program then which one do you prefer? Lots of people will prefer to drive for the app which will allow them to simply earn lots of money. It is not always a clear-cut issue that can get resolved easily. 

Uber and Lyft will take a hefty percentage of the far right off the top of what you are potentially earning. Uber mainly takes 25 percent of the commission of every ride and Lyft will take a slightly lower amount which is nearly 20 percent. Both need a booking fee with the prices which is ranging from $1 to 42 and the driver will not see any of these funds appear in their paycheck. 

  • Rewards and Discounts

In order to make up for the money which every rideshare program will take off the top, they provide a reward program for the drivers. Uber provides the incentive to the driver to simply refer the new drivers to the program. Also, they provide the bonuses to complete a particular number of rides within the given time period or for working in the boosted areas. 

Lyft allows the drivers to simply earn the reward program which can get cashed for the bonuses, roadside assistance, discounts, or the cell phone plans and also for the fuel reward points. 

  • Tipping and Additional Income

In addition to the bonuses, both the programs allow the riders to simply tip their drivers, and also the drivers are allowed to collect 100 percent of their tips. Not many uber drivers get the tips as the program mainly gets used to discourage tipping until recently. 

Many Drivers Prefer to Driver for Uber Because They Believe it is the Busier Platform

It is so long and is a more common household name as compared to Lyft. Staying busy is the key to making a stable income which simply explains why many people argue that uber pays better.

You need to decide for yourself whether you feel that Uber or Lyft will pay a better amount. You need to simply try to spend some time on both of these platforms before you decide which one is better for you. 

How Much Do You Earn Per Mile In The Atlanta Area?

If you are thinking about driving more people around the longer tips instead of the short trips around the city? Lots of drivers mainly prefer to work long distances as they make a good amount of money on a per-mile basis. Understanding how much you are able to make per mile will simply give you a better idea that your income will be stable or not. 

When you compare Uber and Lyft, then you will find out that Uber pays the higher per-mile rate and doesn’t take out the word for it. 

What Are The Best Pickup Spots in Atlanta for Uber Drivers?

Atlanta mainly converts the large area in there are lots of options for the places where you can be able to wait for a rider to simply request for the safe passage to their next destination. It depends upon whether you are driving during the daytime or nighttime and you may find out that some of these locations are highly popular as compared to others. 

Drivers who work during the daytime may be willing to stick near the mails such as Lenox Mall and Perimeter Mall. Also, the other shopping center such as Westin Peachtree Plaza is also one of the popular places for the drivers and also for the potential riders. Yes, the students at Georgia Tech and Emory University will also require a ride around the city. 

If you are driving during the evening hours then you need to be prepared to spend the time near the popular restaurant like:

  • The Ivy
  • Big Sky Buckhead
  • Dark Horse Tavern
  • RiRa Irish Pub
  • W Hotel Whiskey Park

Are There Any Georgia-Specific Rules To be Aware Of?

Lots of rules for Uber and Lyft are nationwide and there are some which will pertain mainly to Georgia. Like, you need to display your uber or Lyft decal on the passenger side front windshield when you are working. 

You may also need to remove the sticker during your off hours if you select. Lyft needs all the cars to be a 2007 model or newer and Uber only needs the cars to be fifteen years older or newer. In terms of driving for Lyft, you need to be at least 25 years of age in Atlanta and you also need to pass a driver screening which reviews your driving history and also your criminal background check as well. 

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Final Verdict:

It may be tough for the drivers to earn a stable full-time income by working for Uber or Lyft but it is possible. You need to keep in mind the places and times that net the most income for the drivers. Staying busy is required if you want to earn enough money in terms to support yourself and also meet up with your needs. So, now you got the answer to “How Much Money Do Uber Drivers Make in Atlanta”.

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