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What is Union Bank?

Union bank is one of the top-tier banks which will provide customers with a huge variety of financial products and services. Also, its branches are mainly located all over the country and mainly in metro manila where it is having more than 20 branches.

Mycreditcardunionbank will also provide personal banking services to customers and also to small and medium enterprises, large corporations, government agencies, and financial institutions.

Union bank will also provide commercial banking services to corporate customers like SMEs, large companies, and also to government agencies as well. 

Union Bank Credit Cards – How Does It Work?

Union bank credit cards are mainly available to all union bank account holders in the Philippines. The union bank credit card is one of the easy and secure methods to pay out for your everyday purchases it can be used in more than 400,000 locations in the Philippines and you can be able to select a credit card type from Gold to Platinum. 

How to Apply For a Credit Card in Union Bank?

If you want to apply for a credit card in union bank then you are required to make a visit to their official website and then make click on the credit card of your choice.

If you are having one then make click on the credit card and then you have to click on the apply now button. Finally, click on that button to proceed. 


As per the Union Bank website, these are the minimum qualification and requirements to apply for the mycreditcardunionbank credit card:

  • Your age must need to be 18 years old or above. 
  • You need to have a completely filled-up application form. 
  • You need to have a copy of the government ID with the photo and signature. 
  • You need to have a copy of the source of income like:
  • Income Tax Return or Certificate of Compensation Payment and Tax withheld or similar documents. 
  • A certificate of employment or employment contract. 
  • Latest salary slip of 3 months. 
  • BIR form 2316 or similar document. 
  • Proof of pension. 
  • Latest 3 months’ copy of the Bank Statement of Account from another bank.

Extra requirements for foreign applicants and alien certification of registration or its equivalent document. These requirements may vary on the product for which you are applying. 

Interest Rate and Fees

All union bank credit cards have a fixed monthly interest rate of 2% and the fee depends upon the type of credit card you prefer. 

How Can I Check the Status of My Union Bank Credit Card Application?

You can use the messenger app to simply check out the status of your application. You simply need to make a visit at m.me/TalkToRafa and then type the application status. When it gets done then you have to enter your reference number to check it out. 

How to Activate a Credit Card Union Bank?

You can be able to activate your mycreditcardunionbank credit card by making a call at 888-955-4141 or also you can make a visit to the official credit card portal at mycreditcard.unionbank.com

  • When you are landed on the homepage then you have to enter your credit card number and then make click on the submit button. 
  • Now, you have to register your account by simply creating a new username and password. 
  • After this, you will get a successful authentication message so that you will be able to login into your account. 
  • Now, click on the activation link and it’s done. 

How Much Time Does It Take to Receive a Union Bank Credit Card?

Generally, the verification of an application will take 2 days, and if they receive it by delivery then it will take nearly 5 to 10 business days

Union Bank Credit Card Limit

The credit card limit of the Union Bank Credit card will completely depend upon the type of card which you select. You need to ensure that you are having the correct card for your needs and then make a contact with them if you are willing to know the exact credit limit

How to Pay for Union Bank Credit Card Installments?

Union bank will provide the payment conveniently as they are having lots of over-the-counter branches nationwide. You can check the nearest branch near you by making a visit at https://www.unionbank.com/locations

Where to Pay for a Union Bank Credit Card?

You will be able to pay out your credit card dues at any of the union bank branches or with the help of an e-wallet like Gcash or PayPal

What Happens If I Can’t Pay?

There is a late payment fee of PHP which is 1,000 for any of the Union Bank Credit Card and the over-limit fee will go up to PHP 500

Union Bank Credit Card Benefits

One of the benefits for mycreditcardunionbank cardholders is the union bank credit card rewards program. It will provide more cash back and also travel rewards and discounts on goods and services.

There are high-end credit card security and also the protection and worldwide acceptance and installment program as well. You can also benefit from Union Bank’s car insurance and Auto bill payment. 

Discounts and Promo

The union bank will provide their customer with cashback with flexible payment terms. Also, you can get vouchers from different merchants like Cebu Pacific and power max center.

Apart from this, you can enjoy lots of discounts if you are using the union bank credit card to other travel merchants like Lihim resorts and Kommons Boracay. 

No Annual Fee

The union bank doesn’t take any annual fee to the mycreditcard union bank credit card holders as long as they will maintain the PHP 10,000 of their ADB

Union Bank Customer Service

If you are having any queries or feedback about any of the products of Union Bank then you can make a contact us by using the following details. 

  • Contact Number

24-Hour Customer Service at 02-841-600 for more assistance. 

  • Hotline

The hotline is the same as their contact number. 

  • Email Address

For the email, you can drop your query at [email protected]

Union Bank Credit Card Reviews 2023

Union bank is one of the leading banks in the Philippines and provides a large variety of credit cards for customers. They also provide competitive rates and also additional benefits to the cardholders.

That’s why they are having lots of customers and gaining positive reviews as well. 

Final Verdict

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