Anticipations for the Budget 2024: At a recent gathering, Union Minister of Finance, Nirmala Sitharaman made it subtly clear that there is an inclination within the NDA government towards prioritizing the well-being of youth, women, farmers and underprivileged sections in their upcoming interim budget. This announcement comes in advance of the Lok Sabha elections scheduled to be held later this year. The Ministry wants to draw attention to the fact that Minister Sitharaman will present this interim budget before Parliament during next week’s sessions.

budget 2024

Discoursing at last Thursday’s forum, Mrs. Sitharaman referred to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent identification of their target demographic —the young people, female sector, agrarian community and below poverty line groups— stating that these segments are central to Government’s upliftment policies irrespective of caste distinctions or religious affiliations.

She said “The focus remains on four key demographics – youngsters, womenfolk community who contribute significantly toward food security such as industrious farmers and unfortunately those impoverished individuals who require additional support for socio-economic development”. Mrs. Sitharaman maintained that enhancing living conditions among these groups continues to remain a significant governmental objective”.

Minister Sitharaman has emphasized how since 2014 one-of-the core missions pursued by NDA government was addressing indispensable needs namely secure lodging facilities water accessibility improved road networks & power availability she also observed that prior half-century or more lacked serious drive toward achieving these critical societal needs. Also read: Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana (PMGKY): Benefits, Eligibility & Key Features

Furthermore Minister Sitharaman extolled India capability navigate international predicaments referring specifically ongoing Red sea crisis exemplar evidently global counterparts demonstrating interest partnering with India collaborate long-term arrangement pertaining food export transactions.

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