Mother Dairy Safal Franchise Business Can Make You a Millionaire – Are you interested in starting a Mother Dairy Safal franchise? For an investment of Rs 2 lakh, you can earn a steady monthly income. Here’s how to apply, as well as information on maintenance costs and other details to help you get started with this business idea.

Mother Dairy Safal Franchise Business Can Make You a Millionaire

Mother Dairy Safal Franchise Business Can Make You a Millionaire

Safal is largest retail chain, an Indian government initiative that was launched in 1988 to support fruit and vegetable producers while also providing benefits to urban consumers.  It is likely that Safal is involved in a variety of FMCG activities to achieve these goals, such as purchasing produce from farmers, distributing it to retailers, and promoting the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. We know Safal is owned by Mother Dairy, which is a subsidiary of the National Dairy Development Board based in New Delhi.

Like we know Safal operates roughly 400 retail outlets in the NCR, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Gurgaon area and 23 retail outlets in Bangalore, serving over 1.5 lakh customers each day. The company’s website states that it offers around 120 different types of super quality fresh fruits and vegetables. Safal outlets are largely run by ex-servicemen or their dependents. In this business model just by investing a few lakhs rupees, you can potentially earn a good monthly income through a Motherdairy Safal franchise business opportunity.

  • How to apply for a Mother Dairy Safal franchise?

I If you are interested in investing with Safal franchise, here is the complete procedure you need to follow.

  1. First, you have to need to fill out an application form with the Army Welfare Placement Organisation (AWPO).
  2. Second, As part of the application process, you have to need to attend an interview conducted by both Safal and the Army Welfare Placement Organisation (AWPO).
  3. you have to do complete documentation and as part of the agreement, you will need to deposit a security and working capital draft, along with two government officials serving as your guarantors.
  4. As a part of franchise Safal will provide training and assistance to help you get your allotted outlet up and running
  5. In order to maximize your revenue, you will need to work closely with Safal’s sales team, following their guidelines and taking their advice on a daily basis.
  • How much does a Mother Dairy Safal franchise cost to you?

To start a Mother Dairy Safal franchise, you will need to invest a minimum of Rs 2 Lakh. This includes Rs 1 Lakh as a refundable security deposit and an additional Rs 1 Lakh as working capital. This investment is required to get your franchise up and running.

  • How much will be outlet rent, utility bill, maintenance cost for Mother Dairy Safal franchise?

ESM will not have to pay any rent, utility bills, or maintenance costs, as Safal will cover these expenses. Safal will also provide the outlet and necessary infrastructure, including display racks, electronic weighing machines, deep freezers, visi coolers, crates, and promotional materials to support the smooth operation of the business.

  • What is the tenure of the Agreement for Safal outlet?

The agreement for the Safal outlet will last for two years, and renewal will be based on the outlet’s performance during that time.

  • What are the skills required to run Safal outlet?

There are no specific skills required to run a Safal outlet. However, it is helpful to have good shopkeeping practices related to the retail business of fresh fruits and vegetables. Generally, preference is given to outlets located within a 10 km radius of your residence if there are any vacancies in that area.

Safal retail outlets sell fresh fruits and vegetables, unpolished pulses, frozen vegetables, frozen snacks, tomato puree, and honey. They also offer other products such as Mother Dairy’s desi ghee, ice cream, lassi, chhach, mishti doi, paneer, and Dhara’s range of oils.

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