Jax Sheets is one of the copped infused silky cotton sheets which was created and founded by Wen Muenyi. Jac Sheets also appears in Shark Tank Season 12 episode 13 for the funding so that he can be able to market and expand his sheets in the United States. 

Muenyi demands for $212,000 from the Shark in exchange for the 10% equity in the company. As per the demand, the company’s valuation in shark tank is $2.1 million which will put the company in a good position. Jax sheets is one of the unique sleeping beds which is less messy said by the founder. 

Muenyi said that those who used to fascinate sheets, mainly used to buy the expensive silk sheets for the comfortable sleep and in few years, he buy lots of sheets from amazon and also from the retail stores as well, 

As per the Muenyi, if the good sheet is found where the user gets comfort, it will come so costly and not be afforded by everyone. He bought lots of different types of sheets from $20 to $400 and then researched the material which he used in them. After doing all the research, Muenyi launched his own company which is known as Jax Sheets which provides the silk experience to people at a very reasonable price. 

What Happened To Jax After Shark Tank?

Jax After Shark Tank

We analyze the home bedding market and get to know that in the year 202, the global value of the market is $86.89 billion. It is one of the big and most expensive markets and it is tough to sustain the small business in the market he faces lots of challenges from time to time

About Jax Sheets

Jax Sheets is one of the copper-infused silky cotton sheets for men and this product is made from breathable bamboo fiber which is quite softer and sustainable as compared to cotton.

The sheet is mainly infused with silver for its anti-bacterial properties and this sheet is mainly for men as men don’t wash their sheets as much. As it is having the infused silver, it is quite less dirty if it doesn’t get washed for a year then it will go away automatically. 

Jax Sheets Shark Tank Update

Company Name Jax Sheets
Founder Wen Muenyi
Product Copper Infused Silky Cotton Sheets for Men Who Don’t Wash Their Sheets
Asked For $212,000 for 10% Equity
Final Deal No Deal’s
Shark No Shark
Episode (Shark Tank USA) Season 12 Episode 13
Air Date February 12, 2021
Business Status In Business
Net Worth $1 Million *estimated
Website Visit Website
Address St Paul, Minnesota, United States
Go To Amazon Buy Now

Who Is The Founder of Jax Sheets?

Wen Muenyi is the founder and CEO of HeracLeion and its parent company is Jax Sheets. His main aim is to create a laundry free future. He studies a bachelor of art in marketing from the university of web Florida and in the starting, he worked in lots of companies in the year 2018, he was the co-founder of Rheabelle.

After this in August 2016, he started a company which is known as heracLeion which will make the bed sheet at a very affordable price. 

Jax Sheets Before Shark Tank

Muenyi is into the laundry business already and has lots of knowledge about bed sheets and materials. The founder is also an expert in marketing and running a campaign on the platform Kickstarter for the crowdfunding of the company. 

At the time of campaign, he raised the amount of $351,976 till January 2020 and this amount is raised from 2,289 backers, and in return, they send this product. Shipping got delayed a few days because of the Covid-19 pandemic. When this product gets ready then the founder will take the feedback from 1000 people and everyone said that this bed sheet is quite comfortable. 

Did Jax Sheets Get a Deal On Shark Tank?

The founder of Jax Sheets provided a good pitch on Shark Tank and asked the Shark For $212,000 for 10% equity, Muneyi is one of the owners of two companies, sheets, and t-shirts. All of these products are mainly sold on the hercleon.com website and the technology is mainly the same in all these products but the material is quite different in every product. 

Their customer acquisition cost is nearly $33 and their average sale is $148. He makes a $70 margin on the sale and when he spends $33 then he earns a margin of $70. In Shark Tank, the founder said that he hasn’t done any sales yet other than crowdfunding. Meenyl revealed to the Shark Tank that he sold $270,000 on his t-shirt this year and the founder ran his company into his garage and he made his garage an office. 

Muenyi also said that it is not true, which is the $2.1 million valuation of the company but this business is around $1.8 million. All the shark says that this Jax sheets business is not investable as it doesn’t sell anything other than the kickstarter. 

What Happened To Jax Sheets After Shark Tank?

Jax Sheets doesn’t get the deal in Shark Tank as it is not the sale from other sources of business and the founder works out on his own valuation. When this episode of shark tank got aired it got some of the sales for some weeks. It is no longer a niche business and the founder is taking it to the other place and now it will become a multiple niche business. 

Not as much information has been found about it but in July 2022, the order of Jax Sheets is mainly being taken on their website. It mainly went up to $1 million into the revenue in the year 2022 and it seems as if it is mainly taken more than 1 year as it will come from the Shark Tank. 

How is the Jax Sheets Going?

Jax Sheets website hercleon is still active and accepting the orders as of July 2022 but it can’t be said that it will be able to survive into the future or not. If you are willing to buy this sheet then you can simply make a visit to their website and the price of every sheet is $129.99 in July 2022. It will also sell the clothes, masks and towels and add more variety of products in the future.

The sheet product of theirs is into the home bedding category but this company is mainly going into the clothes industry and not focusing on this product. The clothing industry is quite competitive and to sustain itself into this industry, they need more and more money. 

What Is The Jax Sheets Net Worth?

If we talk about Jax Sheet’s net worth, then there’s not as much information collected about its net worth and if we follow Jax sheet’s net worth then it is approx. $1 million. 

Is Jax Sheets Still In Business?

Yes, this jax sheet is mainly running its business in July 2022 but the coming time can’t be said at this moment. There are not as many users available on their website and it would be wrong to say that this company is getting lots of sales. The company is also featured on popular news networks such as CNN, Heavy, and India.com.

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So, we hope now you know exactly what happened to jax after shark tank and how well they grow after that. Let us know if you have any queries in the mind in the comment section below.

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