As your personal information doesn’t affect the credit score but it is one of the major parts of the credit report which you are willing to keep updated and correct. Also, if you are willing to change your name or address or either your phone number or any other personal information then there are various methods by which you can easily be able to update your credit details.

How to Update My Address On My Credit Report?

How to Update My Address On My Credit Report

If you want to know about how to update my address on my credit report then you have to keep reading this article. 

Update Your Address On Your Credit Report

Basically, the credit reports are completely based upon the information which is provided by the database of the credit bureau and most of them come from the creditor’s data. At the time when you apply for the credit card or for a loan, then the creditor will check and review your credit report, and also it will send it to the credit bureau details from your application like your name, social security number, and also the address and phone number and the employer name as well. 

When you open an account then the creditor will send you the update on a monthly basis along with the status of the latest payment and also the current account balance as well. 

If you want to update your personal information on the credit report then you can do this process by simply updating your information to the creditors. So, the next time the creditor will send you an update from the credit bureau then it will get onto your new address which you will add to your personal information in the credit report. 

Also, you can make a request to the credit bureau in a direct manner if you don’t have any open accounts. Also, to do this process, you only need to send your address proof of the change like the companies or the bank statements or the bills along with the new address. 

When is Inaccurate Information an Indicator of Fraud?

One of the major reasons to update your credit report for the wrong details is to find out the credit fraud at the time when anyone uses your personal details or the fraud account which gets opened by your name. 

If you get an open credit account or either the loan on your credit report which you don’t apply from your end then it is one of the indicators then you are becoming a victim of fraud. If this thing takes place then you can simply be able to contact your creditor. 

Also, you may be able to dispute the fraudulent account to the credit bureau to remove it from your credit report and also add it as a fraud alert and freeze your report in terms of making it hard for anyone to use your credit details to open an account in future. 

You also need to know that the wrong personal details do not always become an indicator of fraud. If a person who applies for a credit card is Rebert Smith and he will apply for a loan as Rob Smith and both of these names take place on the credit card or also on the credit report. Also, the old personal details may also take place on the credit report even when you change your name or the phone number or address. 

There are also some minor issues like the name or the SSN. It may be a typing error and not a fraud. For security purposes, we don’t show you the exact SSN on the credit report. We only listed the inaccurate ones which will alert you to a creditor misfiling your details or to attempt at fraud. Also, you can be able to clear all the issues by simply making a double-check of the creditor and also ensure that your name and social security number are correct. 

If updating your personal information is not helpful for you then you may also be able to file a dispute to the credit bureau related to the correct inaccurate personal details. 

How to File a Dispute?

If you are willing to file a dispute related to the credit report then it can easily be done via mail, fax, or also online as well. As per federal law, you have the complete right to dispute the details which you think to be wrong in your credit reports without giving any charges. 

In terms of filing a dispute, you are required to select the details which you want to make correct and also have to tell the reason behind their incorrection. After doing this, you have to submit the dispute. Credit bureaus will generally take 30 days to check out your claim and also provide you a proper response. If they find any of the disputed details as incorrect then they will correct it or either will delete it. In terms of verifying your updated details, you are required to provide the claim proof. 

Disputing Personal Information Won’t Affect Your Credit Score

You need to know that your credit score will be completely based on the details available in your credit report. Also, it is not necessary that every part of your credit report will affect your credit score like your name, address, phone number, and also the details don’t affect the credit score. So, disputing these details doesn’t affect your credit score. 

If an account was opened fraudulently and also having some previous balance then it will impact your credit score. Also, closing the account and also information disputing will be helpful for your credit at the time when the negative account gets removed from the history of your credit. 

Check Your Credit Report Regularly

Before updating your credit report and the new information, you must review your latest report copy. Also, you will get a free online copy and also the alerts in case of any type of suspicious activity or change in your credit report which is a symptom of a fraud.

You need to know that if you update your personal information recently with a creditor then the updating process will take a few weeks and to appear on the credit report.

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