If you are an investor then Google Finance is one of the best methods for you which helps you to check your stock market news, companies, and also the prices of shares as well. Accessing the Google Finance Portfolio Replacement options, and you can have more alternatives to choose from.

There are lots of limitations and also the www googlefinance portfolio option which you can simply use to check the dissolved in the year 2017.

The finance platform such as Google still takes place but the thing which you need to know is that they redesign their platform and make it so simple for the users. Also, they remove lots of features such as reporting. 

Best Google Finance Portfolio Replacement

Google Finance Portfolio Replacement

This is one of the major reasons that people start looking for the alternative to google finance portfolio and also their replacements as well. 

So, for your ease like if you are the one who is looking for the Google Finance Portfolio alternatives then, with the help of this article you will get to know the Google finance portfolio replacement in a simple and easy manner. So, read this section very carefully to know more and more. 

What Is Google Finance?

The first thing which takes the mind of lots of people is what is Google Finance. Lots of people don’t know about it. Basically, Google Finance is one of the apps known as “google finance portfolio app” and a dashboard which provides stocks and bond quotes and also it will provide the news related to stock and here you will get the financial data as well which helps you to invest your money in a better way. If you are the one who loves to do research, then Google Finance is something where you will get all your information in a customized manner.  

Also, with the help of this article, you will get to know about some of the alternatives to google finance. So, keep reading this article to know more and more about it in a better way. 

How Does Google Finance Work?

Google Finance is introduced by the Google tech giant and also it offers a platform where users are able to create a personal portfolio google finance by simply following the stocks about which they want to know more and more. 

It is really simple to set up: you can simply create a Google account and then it will allow you to simply create a portfolio by which you can be able to take part in the discussion which was offered by Google Finance. 

Also, you can be able to put them together as a portfolio by moving towards the homepage, and then there you need to make a click on the “create a portfolio”. When you create a portfolio then you can be able to add the stocks as per your choice with the mutual funds as well. 

You can also be able to view them in a different manner like in overview and fundamentals. If you view them in overview mode then it will show you the complete details or every stock price along with the change of percentage and volume as well. Also, the fundamental mode helps you to get a 52-week long chart where you can easily be able to compare and check which stock performs in a better way. 

Also, the forum is one of the best features which will allow you to debate buying some of the stocks in a group. 

Why Would You Want to Use Google Finance?

One of the main reasons behind the huge demand for Google Finance in public is that it is one of the straightforward tools and also one of the simple and easy to use as well. 

Its portfolio tool means that it helps you to work on google finance track your portfolio with the performance of the complete portfolio along with its quantities which you have invested and also be able to get to know about the total over-time value as well so you can understand what happened to my google finance portfolio.

Google Finance Alternatives And Replacements

So, if you are missing the old feature of Google Finance and want to know more about the investment research then, you just need to check out the below-given google finance my portfolio replacement to know about it in a better way. 

If we talk about morningstar then it is one of the best google finance portfolio alternatives because of its portfolio tracker for the stocks. Mostly it is used by journalists as a big source of information about the stock market. The total assets of this company are more than $220 billion. 

MSN Money is also one of the best alternatives of Google Finance Portfolio. This platform provides lots of information related to stocks, like price, dividend yield and also the PE, and much more. 

The third alternative of Google Finance Portfolio is Personal capital. It will help the users to plan and manage their own money. By using its free tools version, users are able to sync their banking information which helps the users to analyze their finance and also advise them. Also, it has a retirement planner and a portfolio analysis which help the users to get an overview of their investments. 

Yahoo Finance is also one of the platforms which are considered as Google Finance Portfolio alternative which is sometimes a big competitor for Google Finance. It provides a snapshot of the finance market and also it provides the press release of the company update on a regular basis. They provide a complete watchlist and also a portfolio which makes it easy for people to track their stock portfolio. 

Now, if we talk about another Google finance portfolio alternative which is investing.com then it is having a web and app version. It provides various information related to the stock news, bonds, options, currencies, and also commodities as well. Also, this webpage mainly focuses on the financial data along with a separate page for the news of finance. With the help of this, you can be able to get a complete set up of the portfolio along with the companies which you are tracking. 

Final Verdict:

So, finally, we have shared some of the best Google finance portfolio alternatives by doing proper research. We hope that they will be helpful for you to get a similar experience like Google Finance and helps you to ease your work. If these google finance portfolio replacements are helpful for you then, simply let us know by dropping a comment below.

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