Adani Wilmar Acquires Kohinoor Brand from McCormick Switzerland – The edible oil major Adani Wilmar ltd on Tuesday said that it acquired lots of brands including the renowned Kohinoor brand from McCormick Switzerland GMBH for an undisclosed amount. 

Also, the acquisition will give AWL exclusive rights to the Kohinoor basmati rice with the ready-to-cook, ready-to-eat, and curries or meals portfolio which will come under the Kohinoor brand umbrella in India. 

Adani Wilmar Acquires Kohinoor Brand from McCormick Switzerland

 Adani Wilmar Acquires Kohinoor Brand from McCormick Switzerland

Also, in addition, the Kohinoor brand portfolio strengthens Adani Wilmar’s leadership position in the food of FMCG category by simply augmenting the strong products basket along with the premium brand with the complete potential to simply scale the value-added products said by the company in a press release. 

Also, it leverages the reach of the Kohinoor brand in terms of simply driving the synergies for AWL into the geographics and complementing the reach of its flagship brand which is Fortune into the Food FMCG domain. 

The company also said that the acquisition will also fuel up the next level of the growth to the AWL and also widen the portfolio to simply cater to the premium customer segments across the rice and also the value-added food business. 

AWL is also poised to be one of the formidable players with the Kohinoor brand in the Indian region. The Kohinoor brand portfolio also comprises the Kohinoor for the premium basmati rice. Charminar for the affordable price and the trophy for the HORECA segment. 

Angshu Mallick Statement

Angshu Mallick who is the chief executive and managing director of Adani Wilmar said that the Adani Wilmar loves to welcome the Kohinoor brand into the fortune family.

Kohinoor is one of the trusted brands which represent the authentic flavors of Indian and also it is mainly loved by the customers as well. 

This acquisition is in sync with the business strategy to simply expand the portfolio into the high-margin branded staples and also the food products segment as well.

We believe that the packaged food category is under-penetrated with the particular headroom for growth. The Kohinoor brand is one of the strong brands and helps to simply accelerate our leadership position in the Food FMCG category.

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