60SecondPremier – If you recently got a letter from the side of First premier bank which is also having a credit card attached to that letter then it means that you are pre-approved for the credit card and also you are completely eligible to get that credit card which is provided by www.60secondpremier.com.

It is one of the pre-approved platinum cards and also it is majorly known as the MasterCard credit card.



If you are the one who is willing to get a different platinum Mastercard then you must read this article till the end as this article will help you to get to know the complete process of how to use the platinum rewards card in a very simple and easy manner. 

60SecondPremier Login to Check the Status of the Pre-Approved Credit Card

If you recently received a code then you need to know that you are eligible to check out the status of your credit card and for this, you are required to make a visit to their official website which is www.60seconepremier.com.

After making a visit to this website, you have to enter some of the required details which were asked by the company to enter into this portal. 

You need to know that, in order to completely access your credit card after receiving the www.60secondpremier.com confirmation, you must grant the access.

Also, on this website, you are allowed to simply check out the eligibility to be a user of this card. You are also required to understand that this card is available for all users even if they have a very low credit score and also users can simply use this card even after having a low credit card.

This card is helpful for people having low credit scores in terms of increasing or boosting their credit score simply. 

Also, you can simply apply for this credit card by simply opening its official website where you are required to enter your confirmation code which you receive in the letter. Also, you are required to click on the apply now button after entering the code properly.

Also, in the process to get this card, you are also required to go through and meet up with their terms and conditions as you just need to have a legal and valid resident of the United States of America, and also your age must need to be 18 years old or more than that in terms to receive the confirmation code. 

If you don’t get the confirmation number or if you are not at www.60secondpremier.com pre-approved then you need to know that you can also be able to apply for this card directly by simply making a visit to their official website.

On the website, you have to enter some of the details such as your first name, and last name, and also you need to enter your address and also your social security number. 

First Premier Card Login Procedure at 60SecondPremier.com

If you are willing to make a first premier card login then you need to understand the complete process so that you can easily be able to make a login into your account. By simply following the below-given steps, you can be able to login into your account and start accessing the services of this card simply. To know the complete process, read and follow the steps we are sharing below. 

  • At the very first step, you have to open a device that allows you to access the internet like a laptop, desktop, or any other smartphone. 
  • Now, you need to make sure to have a properly working internet connection. 
  • After this, you have to open your web browser and then you need to make a visit to their official website which is www.60secondpremier.com
  • Now, on the homepage of the website, you are required to enter some of the details which were asked on that page like you need to enter your User Id and Password. 
  • After entering all these details, you have to click on the submit button and simply start accessing your account. 

Also, if in case you’re having a personal account then you need to know that you can simply be able to check out the balance of your account and also be able to see the account statement, transactions and also you can be able to make all types of online payments, and get some of the other useful options by simply using this online account. 

My Premier Credit Card Details

  • You are required to understand that this credit card will provide a $700 credit limit to the users. 
  • Also, you will not get any sign-up bonus and also they don’t provide you any type of cashback by using this card. 
  • You are required to pay the annual fee to use this card which is really high only if you have a low or bad credit score. 

You are also required to understand that this credit card is having some other benefits as well in terms of full-fill your needs and also it is one of the best choices for users who are having very less or low credit scores. 

About First Premier

You need to know that the first premier is one of the banks which is located in the United States and also the headquarter of this bank is located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Also, this bank is one of the 13th largest banks in the world in terms of providing Mastercard credit cards.

Also, this bank is majorly known for providing a large number of credit cards to people who are having very few credit cards. This bank was introduced in 1986 and also it was introduced by Thomas Denny Sanford. This bank has nearly 2300 employees and it is one of the private banking companies.

You can also check out the official website of this bank to know more about it. 


  • What Credit Score Do You Need for a First Premier Credit Card?

The first premier MasterCard is mainly designed for applicants who are having poor credit and want to build or also restore their credit history. 

  • Can I Use My First Premier Credit Card Without Paying The Program Fee?

Yes, you are required to pay the program fee for the first premier bank credit card if you have applied for the unsecured card. The program fee on the first premier bank unsecured credit card will take a one-time fee which is $55 to $95 assessed before opening the account. The exact amount which you will pay depends upon the creditworthiness of the customer. 

  • Does First Premier Charge a Monthly Fee?

This is charged in addition to the annual fee and it will also range from $6.25 per month to $10.40 per month. Also, the first premier card with the smaller credit limit doesn’t charge the monthly fee in the very first year but you have to pay the fee after one year. 

  • What is the Highest Credit Limit for First Premier Bank?

The first premier will mainly consider the factors like your credit history, income, and debt when you determine your credit limit. For the other first premier bank credit cards, the unsecured one and your credit limit will be anywhere from $300 to $1,000 depending upon what first premier thinks for the overall creditworthiness.

60SecondPremier Customer Support

  • CREDIT CARD CUSTOMERS: 800-987-5521
  • BANKING CUSTOMERS: 800-501-6535

First Premier Mailing Address

  • Mailing address for payments

You can use the mail address if you want to want to send your payment by post.

The mail address is given below:

First Premier Bank,
PO. Box 5529,
Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5529.

  • Mailing Address for Express Payments

For express payments you can use the mailing address that is given below:

First Premier Bank,
3820 N Louise Ave,
Sioux Falls, SD 57107.

  • Mailing Address For Correspondence:

You can use the mail address if you want to want to ask any query related to First Premier Bank offers by post. The mail address is given below:

First Premier Bank
PO. Box 5524,
Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5524.

First Premier Contact Information

  • For complete contact information, you can visit their Contact Page.
  • For more information click on Careers.

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Final Verdict:

That’s it for this article. We hope that this article will be helpful for you to get to know the process of how to check the status of a pre-approved credit card provided by 60secondpremier which is available at 60SecondPremier com.

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