AviatorMasterCard com/Activate As you know the aviator MasterCard is one of the credit cards which comes to you in conjunction with American Airlines with the major benefit of being a loyalty program from the American Airlines frequent flier that rewards the customers for the frequent use.

By taking a small annual fee, Barclays Aviator holders will get lots of benefits and the benefits of the Aviator credit card generally include in-flight purchase discounts, AAdvantage bonus points, free bag checked, and much more. 

AviatorMasterCard com/Activate

AviatorMasterCard com/Activate

So, today here in this guide, we are going to tell you the complete process of how to apply for an aviator card, activate your aviator MasterCard, and also how log in at aviatormastercard.com. 

Aviator Mastercard: Login, Apply, Activate and Make Payments at AviatorMasterCard com/Activate

Here you are going to know all the details about this aviator MasterCard. So, if you are interested in gathering all the details at aviatormastercard com activate then check out this section in a detailed manner. 

How to Apply for An Aviator Mastercard?

In terms of applying for the aviatormastercard com activate the card, you need to simply make a visit at www.aviatormastercard.com and then make a click on the learn more option. The link will simply bring you to the page which shows all the benefits of the AAdvantage credit card from American Airlines. You need to read through the details and then make a click on the “Apply Now” button if you are interested in getting this credit card.

How to Login to Your Aviator Mastercard Account?

To make a sign-in or login into your aviatormastercard com activate account which is available at www.aviatormastercard.com, you have to simply register for the Barclays online account. To do this process, you have to simply read and follow the steps which we are sharing below. 

Also, after creating your online account, you are highly required to activate and also to link your card to see your payment activity and to make payments and manage your account as well. 

  • You need to make a visit to www.aviatormastercard.com and then make click on the new card member option to start the process. 
  • Now, you need to simply enter your personal details which also include your date of birth, the last four digits of your social security number and your account number, and also the status of your citizenship as well. 
  • Finally, complete the account registration process and then your card will begin activating on the screen. 

Aviator Mastercard Activation If You Already Have A Barclays Online Account

If you are already having a Barclays aviator account then you are required to activate your new aviator charge card. To complete this process, you have to simply read and follow the steps that we are going to share below. 

  • First of all, open a device on which you can be able to access the internet like a laptop, desktop, or any other device. 
  • Now, ensure that you have a properly working internet connection. 
  • After this, you are required to simply make a visit at AviatorMasterCard com/Activate.
  • Make a click on the activate my card not button. 
  • After this, you have to enter the required details like the last four digits of your social security, date of birth, 3-digit card security code, and also your card number. 
  • Now, simply head towards the next screen and complete the process of activation. 

Your aviator credit card is now activated simply make a login into the card with the help of your Barclays online account where you can be able to see all the details of your account, and card activity, and also make payments and much more. 

Barclays Red Aviator Mastercard Benefits

You need to know that the aviation card is mainly issued by the Chase bank and it charges a $99 yearly fee but the first year fee is mainly waived. AAdvantage or aviator red world elite MasterCard is one of the credit cards for the frequent fliers of American airlines. The Barclays aviator charge card mainly comes up with the perks like:

  • 50,000 AAdvantage bonus points. 
  • One free checked bag
  • Preferred accommodation
  • $25 back on select purchases
  • An anniversary companions voucher
  • 1X AAdvantage points
  • In-flight purchase discount
  • Priority Pass Select membership access to more than 1,000 airport lounges. 

For more details related to the rewards which you will get by your card, make a visit at www.aviatormastercard.com/reward

The aviator credit card is one of the best methods to get airline miles on your everyday spending. You will get one mile for every dollar you spend by using this credit card. Also, you can be able to apply for these miles to any of the American Airlines flights and you can be able to use the card wherever the MasterCard is accepted for payment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I Inform When and Where I’m Traveling If I Travel Outside the US?

It is suggested that you need to inform Barclays about your upcoming travel plans so that they can be aware of where you are going to use your card. You have to simply make a sign-in to your account and then enter into the My Travel tab which comes under the services menu to simply provide your upcoming traveling details. Also, you can make a call to customer support by using their number which is available on the backside of your card. 

  • How to Report A Lost/Stolen Card?

If your credit card gets stolen or you lost it somewhere then you can simply report it by making a call to their customer support team at 888-232-0780 in a quick time. Also, you may be asked to provide some of the details like the suspected place, time, and date of your credit card loss. Information about your recent activity of the card and police report information if your card was stolen. When your lost or stolen card report gets received then Barclays will immediately block your account to simply prevent any unauthorized charges. 

  • What If Authorized Users In My Account but Only My Credit Card is Missing?

If you are having the authorized users in your account but your card is missing then you need to get your card blocked and replace it. There is no need to block if the additional card is having a different number and all the cards are required to be stopped and replaced if the card number for the primary and authorized users are similar. 

  • How Do I Remove An Authorized User From My Account?

You are required to make a sign-in to your account and then you have to select the authorized user option for the service menu. Here, you can be able to remove an authorized user. 

  • How to Contact an Aviator for Assistance With My Card?

You can simply be able to make a call to the number which was provided on the back side of your card. If you are not having your card handy then you can make a call at 302 633 8990 and for international assistance, make a call at 302 255 8888.

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Final Verdict

Basically the aviator MasterCard is one of the best options for people who are willing to fly on American airlines. It simply allows the users to shop and get miles for every dollar spent. It is a win-win for travel enthusiasts who want to spend the money either way. AviatorMastercard Activation is one of the easy-to-use cards and it needs the aviatormastercard login and account registration to get activated at AviatorMasterCard com/Activate.

So, that’s all about the AviatorMasterCard com/Activate. If this article is helpful for you and if this article helps you to activate your card and you are all set to use this card then do share this article with other people so that they can also be able to understand the complete process of activation.

Apart from that, if you face any issue or difficulty while activating your card then you can simply connect with us by dropping a comment below and let us know about your issue. We assure you to help you to fix all your issues and provide you with a better solution for all your problems.

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