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Protects Your Device Key: Warranty Registration

  • You need to know that the registration is available in both of the languages in English and French. 
  • You are required to have a PIN to start the process of registration. 
  • Your device details will also be provided. 
  • The support email address is also available for help. 

Protecting your smartphone or tablet display is one of the best ideas but how are you going to protect the product which will simply protect your device? The answer is so simple. Register the warranty.

When you register for the key liquid glass screen protector then you will get 12 months’ worth of warranty protection. In terms of doing this, you are required to go online and open the device registration page. Now, you are required to enter the PIn which appears on the registration instructions. 

When you enter the Pin then you can simply go ahead and then enter your name for the product to simply proceed with the registration. 

More On the Protects Your Device Key Warranty Registration at www.ProtectsYourDevice.com/Key

  • The process will provide you with instructions about how to install the appropriate application. 
  • If you don’t register for the warranty within 30 days then it will be void. 
  • The application also provides you the instructions about how to register and also about how to test the device. 
  • Your 1-year warranty will begin before the date when you buy the key. 
  • The value of the warranty will appear on the packing of the product. 
  • After the successful registration, you will simply get the confirmation email. 
  • It is a simple and user friendly program as the program is a remote process. 

In terms of wrapping up the key warranty registration process, you are required to enter the make, model, and also IMEI number of your device so that it can easily get linked with your warranty. When you have completed the step then you are all set to roll. 

If you are having questions related to the process of registration then you may be able to send an email to [email protected] for more assistance. Also, you can email [email protected] if you are willing to file a claim. 

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