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American Express Membership Rewards Card Fees

Here are some of the important points related to the membership rewards card fees which are available at www.membershiprewards.com/cardfees which you must need to know. Simply check out all of them to understand it in a better manner. 

  • American Express membership reward program provides the loyal Amex customer a chance to simply rack up the points to simply spend on the best rewards at official site
  • In terms of earning AmEx membership rewards points, the customers are required to use their AmEx card at the eligible location. Also, the customers will be able to earn one point for every dollar they spend, and then customers will pay the due amount on their account statement on time to simply earn the points. 
  • With some of the cards like the Gold card for Ameriprise finance, the customers will get a chance to simply earn some extra reward points for the purchases. 

American Express is having the right to simply change the membership renewal program terms at any time such as changing the number of points which was earned by the customer for the spending, changing the number of points which is needed to simply get some reward, and also by imposing the different caps or the fees on the earning points and also by increasing the annual program fees as well. 

  • These points can easily get used for travel such as Airbnb cards or hotel stay at the resort which also includes the Aria in Las Vegas for the products such as GoPro camera, Taylormade golf clubs, Samsonite luggage or the apple watch or also for the entertainment such as AMC or Cinemark gift card. 
  • Any of the returns or the credits doesn’t reduce the reward count and it will simply take away the number of points that were earned at starting. 
  • The customers who are willing to get the AmEx reward but don’t earn the points are required to buy extra points at 1.000 points for $25. 

What Purchases Are Not Eligible for American Express Membership Rewards Points?

Some of the American express purchases are not eligible to get the membership points such as cash advances or the balance transfer or the corporate express cash, purchases made with Amex points, purchasing American express travel checks, purchasing reloadable or prepaid cards, and other card account fees or the interest changes. In terms of contacting American express about their membership rewards card fee program, you can simply make a call at 1-800-297-3276

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