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Claim To Pay Legit at www.claimtopay.com?

You can easily be able to select your car rental company from the drop-down menu box which also includes the alamo, enterprise, and also national. You can be able to refer to your letter to simply find out your claim, invoice, and also your billing number as well. Your total due amount will also appear here. 

If you have recently entered a vehicle then you may get a notice in the email related to the damager. When you turn your rented car in then it is inspected. If the damage appears which was not there earlier then it is what that notice is about. Oftentimes, there is damage that you weren’t even aware of and you have to ensure to inspect the car when you get it to compare. 

When you enter your personal details then you will simply see the damages and the total amount which you have. In terms to start making a payment on your claim then you have to select the rental car company which you have rented.

Select from alamo rent a car, enterprise rent a car, and national car rental. If you are not sure which company it was then you need to look at the top of the letter which you get and you will see the listed name.

When you select your company then you have to enter your claim number, billing number, and also your invoice number to begin the payment process. After entering the correct details, the total amount which you owe will appear on the display. 

Your due amount can be paid with any of the credit cards which also include the visa, discover, or MasterCard. You can also be able to pay by check and your payment will processed in an instant manner and will get applied to your account within 24 hours. If your payment is not applied within two days then you can simply contact your rental car company. 

To Contact www.claimtopay.com:

This website does not have any direct contact details and it is a simple portal to make payments.

It is one of the simple portals to make a payment and if you are having any questions about your claim or the charges then you will be assessed and simply contact your rental car company in a direct manner.

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