Bitcoin  vs.  Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin  vs.  Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin is the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto

Meant to serve as digital cash, with its supporters trying to ensure that it’s cheap and easy to use

Bitcoin fees currently average about $2 per transaction, according to Y Charts, but they have reached heights of more than $60. BCH fees, on the other hand, currently average a fraction of a cent.

A Difference of Philosophy Bitcoin cash has experienced its own set of hard forks for many of the same philosophical concerns that led to its own divergence from the original Bitcoin project.

Market Cap Currently(28-May-2022) Bitcoin Cash : $3,369,319,025 Bitcoin : $548,312,861,936

Both currencies forms address various ways to deal with the digital future of finance. One puts a more prominent spotlight on security,

while the other stresses exchange speed and negligible expenses. Nobody can yet be certain which is really a good investment as long as possible.

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