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Synchrony Bank Routing Number

Synchrony Bank Routing Number

You have to know that Synchrony Bank is well known for Consumer financing plans. Which is mainly designed to help the customers, buy the products and services which they need. Here in this bank, you will find digital banking, mobile banking, banking from ATMs, and also you can find various services like Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and Wire Transfers. To use these all facilities provided by the bank you should have a Synchrony Bank Routing Number for successful transactions. The official site of Synchrony Bank is www.synchronybank.com, which helps you to access the synchrony bank routings number online.

Synchrony Bank Routing Number – What is a Routing Number?

First, you have to know that what is a bank routing number? Then this article will help you to know about the question which comes to your mind.

So, you have to know that a bank’s Routing Transit Number (also known as an RTN or ABA Routing Number), is a nine-digit code that is assigned to all banks in the United States by the American Bankers Association (ABA) since 1911. You have to use the Routing Numbers to identify your bank whenever you make a financial transaction like writing a check, setting up direct deposit, or using your bank’s Bill Pay feature.

Synchrony Bank Routing Number: Where to find Routing Number

You can find your bank’s routing number on the far left of the magnetic-ink strip on the bottom of all standard checks. You have to know that the machine-readable strip is used to identify your bank by ATMs and during other electronic transactions. You can also find your routing number in the RTN directory.

Routing Number of Synchrony Bank – When Is a Routing Number Needed?

Below you will get the information that what is the use of routing number which is mention in your Synchrony bank ATMs or in your bank account.

  • Reordering checks: If you want a new check then your check printer will ask you for your routing number before they give you new checks.
  • Setting up direct deposit: If you want to have payroll checks deposited straight to your account, then you will have to submit the routing and account numbers on your check.
  • Paying bills: you have to know that if you want the consumer bills paid through ACH then also require an account and routing numbers.
  • Tax payments: you have to need to know your bank account routing number when you will paying a tax bill or receiving a refund.

Routing Numbers and Customer Support Number

Below we are going to mention some routing numbers of Synchrony Bank with their locations as well as you can find the Customer support number, in case of any issues you can call customer support and find the solutions for your issues.

  • 021213591, this is the routing number of Morristown, NJ location and it registered by the Synchrony Bank.
  • 124085008, this is the routing number of Draper, UT location and it registered by the Synchrony Bank.
  • 042202688, this is the routing number of Draper, UT location and it registered by the Synchrony Bank.
  • 124085024, this is the routing number of Pasadena, CA location and it registered by the Green Dot Bank.

You can also find the synchrony bank routing number of your cities such as synchrony bank routing number NY, synchrony bank routing number texas, synchrony bank routing number Florida, synchrony bank routing number Georgia to search on the official website.

On the home page of the official site of Synchrony Bank you can find the options for chat, call, or send a letter to customer support. And the synchrony bank phone number is 1-866-226-5638. This number is the customer support number that will help you to resolve your issues.

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