It might be possible that you may have heard about If you don’t know about it then I will tell you in a simple manner as I will not make it difficult for you to understand it. Basically, is one of the combinations of the Google Adsense Program and also the Google Adwords Program as well. – Make Money by Creating Viral Content

So, it means that you can simply be able to use it as a publisher and also as an advertiser as well. The method to use it is similar to Google Adsense but after reading this whole article, you will get to know that it is so different from Google Adsense. 

You may be able to earn money but it completely depends upon the role which you select. Also, in this article, we are going to talk about your role as a publisher apart from the advertiser. As I said earlier, it is not similar to Adsense and also MyLikes is really different from it. 

So, now let’s have a look at the details about how you can make money with it in a simple manner. 

How to Earn From

Below, we are sharing a step-by-step guide about how to earn from MyLikes. If you are really interested to get to know about it then you have to go through with all these and understand everything about it. 

  • First of all, you have to create a custom domain with MyLikes. At the time of signing up with, you have to create a name for your website. Your username will be part of your website URL and that’s why you have to select the username carefully. 
  • When the website gets created then you are required to create and share the content on the website. You have to drive a large amount of traffic on the website with the help of social media platforms. 
  • Finally, when users make a visit to your website and click on the ads provided by your advertisers which were associated with, then you will get paid. 

You can receive your monthly payment by using PayPal, Amazon gift cards, and also by wire transfer. You need to know that if you want to get paid via PayPal then the amount must need to be more than $20 and also for the amazon gift cards, your threshold must need to be $20 or above and also for the wire transfer, it must need to be minimum $50. 

Creating and Sharing Content

When you completely set up your website, then you need to start sharing some of the best content on your website. You are required to get to know about what type of content you are required to create in the process to share them. 

You need to know that the content must need to be created as per the audience available on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and much more. Also, make sure to create the original content because if your content is not original then it will get marked as spammy content by the audience or readers. 

Also, you need to keep one thing in your mind that at the time when you share content, you have to select the MyLikes domain in the pop-up window or you can share it on other pages as well. You have to try to create some of the viral content or also some of the infographic content which works really well for the audience of social media. 

How Is It Different Than Google Adsense?

If you are a beginner then I will tell you that the MyLikes program for publishers is one of the different programs as compared to Google Adsense in some ways. MyLikes mainly word great in the USA but for the Indian people, CPC is quite low. Also, some of the advertisers don’t pay for the clicks which take place from some of the other countries except the USA. So, in this case, the Indian users will face lots of difficulties. 

Also, the second thing is content. In AdSense, you must create good content or articles but on mylikes shopee, viral content will work really great.

So, you don’t need to write lengthy articles for yourself and you only need to create some sensational content. 

So, in simple words, I would like to say that MyLikes will work really great along with the social media platform such as twitter feeds, Facebook pages, and also YouTube Videos as well. 

Who Is It Best For?

It is one of the important questions for everyone and I think that is not great for every person. In simple, if you create short content which has a high potential to go viral on social media platforms. In simple words, the content which you will create is mainly targeting the social media audience. 

In other words, your audience will love the scoop or some of the controversial content as well like the funny content, cute baby or the pet videos, and also the gossip related to a celebrity which goes really with the MyLikes. 

If you are having a huge number of followers on Twitter then you can simply be able to use the MyLikes program in an easy manner. Also, it is not for serious stuff such as climate change or politics. MyLikes will work really great with YouTube, Facebook, and also for Twitter content. 

Problems With

You need to know that is also having some serious issues. So, don’t carry away the so early. 

  • doesn’t provide the flexibility to select the domain name. Also, your URL will be the thing that you will select for the username. 
  • Also, the URL link seems so spammy and also marks your content as spam. It is due to your domain name getting shared by millions of people. 
  • If you are willing to move your website to a different platform then you can’t do it as you are using their domain name. 
  • Finally, mylikes app is one of the great options for publishers from the USA as CPC is really good and also some of the advertisers will pay only to the USA publishers. 

Final Verdict

I will suggest you give it a try to You are required to know that it will not become your main source of earning in a few months only. But, you can use it as a supplement for your income source. So, it means that if you are an Adsense user then you need to simply diversify and give a try to MyLikes. Don’t expect to be a rich person in an instant manner by using MyLikes. 

Also, you can simply use MyLikes as it will work really great with social media. If you are having a huge number of followers on Twitter or a subscriber on YouTube or also on Facebook then MyLike is one of the great sources for you. 

You can simply be able to make money with mylikes twitter only if you are working really great with social media. Also, you can simply check some of the other methods to make money online.

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