Lucy in The Sky Return Policy – In this article, we’ll examine how to return Lucy in the Sky items and other as often as possible posed inquiries about the Lucy in the Sky return procedure.

Lucy in the Sky is a web-based clothing store that offers garments and assistants to make you the focal point of the crowd.

Lucy in The Sky Return Policy

Lucy in The Sky Return Policy

Despite the fact that their attire and accessories are, online shops can make shopping fairly more distressing since you don’t have the amazing chance to test the garments before you buy.

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What is the Lucy in the Sky Return Policy?

  • Lucy in the Sky offers a chance to utilize 14 days starting the day you accept your thing to record the most common way of requesting a refund.
  • When the solicitation has been gotten toward the finish of the cycle, the client will get an email containing a credit card code.
  • Returns are at no expense for the people who ship in the US; for global returns, the purchaser is liable for the expense of delivery.
  • In the event that you purchased a thing at the store, similar principles apply. Be that as it may, you need to return the thing to the store in the thing in its original, unopened state with the receipt, and you won’t have to finish the Return Request similarly as you would with returns made on the web.
Return Period 14 Days
Return Method Online or in-store
Exchange Period 14 Days
Exchange Method Online or in-store
Refund Period 7-10 business days
Refund Method Original Method of Payment

How Would you Return your Order?

  • Free Returns for US Clients.

You can return any style to get credits to the store in something like fourteen days from the date of shipping that the thing was bought. The profits will be managed rapidly, normally 20 days subsequent to getting them. You will get the credit voucher in your email.

On the off chance that a fresh order should be set urgently and earnestly, they will give credit to your store ahead of time; when the package has been given off at USPS all things being equal, you could make an order for a new one, and they will give a payment method genuine repayment for the return of the first order.

On the off chance that you are a US client, assuming that you sign in or pursue an account utilizing the given link underneath, you’ll have the option to make a prepaid USPS return label for returning your buy.

Go into the Order History area, go to your order and choose the “Create Return Label Function”. No extra data is expected from you, as the return label will contain all the data you really want.

In the event that you have put in an order and didn’t have an account, you could utilize a similar email to set up an account and access the return label. Guarantee that the thing is in its original condition. If not, it very well may be gotten back to you.


In the event that any style is harmed or waited, the client is qualified for either a full refund, store credit, or repayment for the repair cost. Kindly reach out to us at [email protected] with an image of the defect/quality issue prior to returning your styles in these particular cases.

We suggest that you give no less than 10 days to permit any original refunds to be thought about about your bank balance.

On the off chance that you are a client from outside the US, returning shipping should be paid for by the purchaser. Incorporate your order subtleties inside your return package and return it to us at the return address underneath: 

For international customers, return postage is the responsibility of the recipient. Just enclose your order details in your return package and send it back to our Return Address below:

  • Lucy in the Sky, Inc.
  • 1200 Wall Street, Floor 2
  • Los Angeles, California
  • 90015
  • United States

The Most Effective Method to Return Lucy in the Sky Products

  • To start a return, you should make an account for returns on the site. When your account is set up and confirmed, you’ll then have the option to make a prepaid USPS return label. 
  • This label can be viewed in the “Order History” segment, then, at that point, look into the order label you should return. If it’s not too much trouble, print the name and return it to the nearest USPS drop-off facility.

How Strict is the Lucy in the Sky Policy for Returns?

  • As far as its severity as far as thoroughness, Lucy in the Sky’s Policy for returns is more intense than different stores on the web. 
  • The window for returning things to this specific store is 14 days from the date of delivery, and the thing must be gotten in the specific condition that it arrived in. In the event that it’s not, then you could be at risk of having your thing gotten back to you.

Lucy in the Sky Refund Policy

  • Customary returns are repaid as a worthy representative for the store. Nonetheless, assuming the issue is because of a thing that is damaged or delayed, You can choose a complete money refund or store credit, or repayment for repair costs. 
  • For damaged and delayed items, email [email protected] with an image of the issue, and somebody will hit you up in 10 days or less.

Lucy in the Sky Exchange Policy

  • Lucy in the Sky doesn’t offer direct exchanges to clients. In any case, the store credit you get when you initiate a refund might be utilized rather than the formal “exchange.” 
  • Furthermore, the company expresses that you can make another buy, and they’ll deal with the buy utilizing the selected payment method rather than the formation of another buyer.

Does Lucy in the Sky Take Returns After 30 Days?

Lucy in the Sky will just acknowledge returns for as long as 14 days after the day you receive the thing.

Does Lucy in the Sky Take Returns Without a Receipt?

  • Lucy in the Sky is an internet-based store. Hence you needn’t bother with a receipt for a return. You should simply sign in to the site utilizing the email address you used to pursue an account and make the return shipping address. 
  • Assuming you bought something through the site but didn’t have the account you made, then you might utilize the email you gave at the hour of purchase to generate the return label.

Does Lucy in the Sky Have Free Returns?

Lucy in the Sky offers no-cost returns to any individual who ships to the US. Assuming that you are delivering universally, the client is liable for the expense of shipping.

Can I Return Lucy in the Sky Product After Use?

The dress you buy through Lucy in the sky should be returned in its original condition. Assuming you return it to them in some other way, you should rest assured it will be returned to you, and you’ll not get your refund request.

What Items Can’t be Returned to Lucy in the Sky?

Things that have been utilized for longer than 14 days or seem worn can’t be exchanged with Lucy at the Sky. Albeit the company doesn’t explicitly proclaim that things worn can’t return, it could be expected that previously owned things will be accepted at the greatest.

How Long does Lucy in the Sky Refunds Take?

Returns are handled through this site within something like 20 days of the business receiving the defective thing. In light of the line for a return, it could take more time or be more limited than the average 20 days.

Note: If you have any additional questions, contact us via Live Chat or email us at [email protected] & Check more details at official Faqs Page of Company. 


Lucy in the Sky is an online-just style store and can acknowledge returns in something like 14 days from the day you get the thing. When the return is finished, you’ll get a good representative for the store.

In the event that the item is damaged, You can contact the company with verification of the defect, and they’ll provide you with the choice of getting complete credit, a refund, or repayment of repair costs.

Returns made to Lucy at the Sky are to be made in a similar condition they got. Returning a thing that is worn could bring about your return being rejected and the thing being gotten back to you.

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