How to Make Money Hosting Websites – As you know, every entrepreneur is willing to know how much money is required to make money. When I get into a discussion forum, it is one of the top questions. 

How to Make Money Hosting Websites?

How to Make Money Hosting Websites

How Much Do I Have to Spend to Make $100 Per Day?

With the help of reseller hosting, it is the best question and one of the easy to answer. The highly popular package is the corporate reseller which comes up with these features. 

  • 100Gb SSD Space
  • 2,000GB Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Accounts
  • Non-Branded WHMCS License
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Free and Auto SSL
  • Private Name Servers

The total cost for this is $39.9/month or $1.29 per day. (Assuming 31 days in month)

Basically, You Have to Make $2.56 Per Day For 100% ROI

So, for your ease to break, you need to make at least $1.28 per day for the 100% ROI which you need to double it at $2.56 per day. Any entrepreneur can be able to see this as a tremendous ROI advantage.

So, let’s say that you can charge the average customer $29.95 per month for the web hosting and it will take one customer to simply put you too close to break and two to start to make a profit. 

  • 2 customers @29.95 per month each – $59.90. 
  • Name Hero Corporate Reseller – $39.95
  • Net Profit: $19.95 per month – 50% ROI

It Doesn’t Take Much Money to Make Money With Reseller Hosting

I love this as I feel that it provides entrepreneurs of all ages from all over the world. Due to the low barrier to entry, reseller hosting simply makes for a nice part-time income for lots of web developers. As they are having a couple of clients to begin profiting, it is best to simply earn the income in a passive manner. By going back to my above-asked question, what do you need to make a $100 profile a day?

How to Make a $100 Profit A Day With Reseller Hosting?

$100 in a day profile looks like a lot of those who have just begun but you are breaking with the two customers at $29.95 per month and what do you have to do to reach this level?

If you are charging $29.95 per month then it will take 4 signups in a day to simply generate $119.80 which is over $100 profit in a day. Living in Kansas City, will not be as tough as it seems. 

First, I visit and start looking at services like plumbing. If it is me, I will call all of them who are not mobile optimized and simply tell them that if they sign-up for the monthly web hosting, I would optimize it for free for up to 5 pages. 

I will hit them on an up-sell to re-develop their complete website and provide something crazy to them like a 50% off coupon

Web Hosting Is a Recurring Income

If you don’t get the four new customers in a day then you need to know that your existing customers are the ones who are going to continue to bill. If I am not able to sign up for a new customer in a day then it will take me 4 months to have an average profit of $100 in a day or $3,000 in a month. This is not a million figure but it is enough for a start. 

Personally, it is a highly attractive thing to sell web hosting. It is not a one-time charge and it is ongoing. Simply think about how big your business will become in a decade. If you don’t get all of them in a week, you will get this number within a time. 

Long Term Profits

For the last decade, I have created a bulk of my income on recurring revenue. I spend some of my time in the affiliate marketing industry and promoting other people’s products and I made lots of money in a fast manner. I have always slept better at night as I know that I have multiple customers who are paying multiple recurring bills. 

In my opinion, it is so easy to make $100 in a day with the reseller hosting and you need to go out and simply start this business. So, I hope now you have the idea of How to Make Money Hosting Websites. 

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