GLSPay As you probably are aware, Global Lending Services will give a choice to their clients to pay an online installment with the assistance of their client’s online portal which is accessible at



Additionally, this site is a valve for their clients 24*7 which implies that clients can have the option to get to this site whenever at whatever point they need in the procedure to make the installment yet in addition with the assistance of this site, they can have the option to involve a few kinds of administrations also like:

  1. They can have the option to refresh their contact data.
  2. Additionally, have the option to see their installment history.
  3. Additionally, they can have the option to see their previous assertions.
  4. This site additionally permits them to see their credit result or loan history.

MyGLSLoan Pay Online Payment Option at GLSPay Official Online Portal

You want to know that the choice to make the payment for the bill online with the assistance of the Global Lending Service Portal is totally free and furthermore simple to utilize and on the off chance that you complete the procedure of online payment before 7 PM EST, your installment will get published around the same time.

  1. Basically, you need to open your gadget which permits you to get to the web.
  2. Then, at that point, ensure that your internet connection is working properly.
  3. Now, you have to open the default internet browser and afterward just quest for the authority site which is, or additionally, you need to visit
  4. On the landing page of the site, you will get a choice of login which shows up on the left-hand side.
  5. In that login area, you need to provide some required information.
  6. As a matter of first importance, you have to provide your associated MyGLSLoan email address.
  7. Now, you need to enter your correct login credentials.
  8. You need to make tick on the Login button after completing all the mentioned above details in the appropriate field.

Additionally, every one of the clients will get a choice to create their online account in the process to make an online payment with the assistance of their online account consistently, or likewise, they will actually need to make the manual installment by utilizing the visitor payment characteristic also.

To pay with the help of your online account, you are expected to register yourself on this online portal and now you are able to make your online account.

After completing the above total registration procedure, you just need to follow the given simple steps:

  1. Above all else, you should be prepared with every one of the fundamental necessities like a PC, laptop, or another gadget that permits you to get to the internet connection.
  2. Presently, ensure to have an appropriately working web connection.
  3. You need to open the default internet browser and afterward basically look for the authority site which is, or likewise you need to visit GLSPay official website
  4. On the landing page of the site, you will get a choice of Register Now which shows up at the lower part of the page.
  5. You have to tap on it and afterward another page will open.
  6. On that page, you need to provide a few subtleties like you need to enter your First name, Middle Name, and Last name in the appropriate field.
  7. Then, at that point, you have to provide the associated email address that you are utilizing around then.
  8. Now, you need to affirm your email address by entering it once more.
  9. You need to make tick the box of “I’m not a robot” to proceed with this process.
  10. you just snap on the Continue option.
  11. Then you need to make a password to access your online account.
  12. Again make a tick on the Continue option to proceed.
  13. In the following stage, you need to confirm your providing email address, and afterward, you need to tap on the Continue with button.
  14. After this, just follow the other instructions which display on your screen.

Other Options of Payment 

They will give the computerized or automated free telephone option of payment. If you have any desire to visit by telephone then you can contact it at 1-888-798-3783 and afterward, their client relationship supervisor will help you effortlessly to complete your payment process.

Pay By Mail

Indeed, on the off chance that you are one of myglsloan clients, you can also pay your installment via mail. Installment should be possible by utilizing the individual or personal check, cash request or money order, cashier’s check, and furthermore installment coupon also. Basically, you need to send them to:

  • Worldwide Lending Services LLC
  • PO Box 935538
  • Atlanta, GA 31193-5538

GLSPay via MoneyGram/Western Union

In order to pay, you can likewise have the option to utilize the MoneyGram Payment choice which is an accessible anyplace and acknowledge the Moneygram however you want to involve these identifiers too:


  • Pay to: GLS Pay
  • Get Code: 11998
  • Western Union
  • Pay to: Global Lending Services LLC
  • Code City: GLS
  • State: SC

At the time of installment, you have to give assurity to add your account number and furthermore your due installment. Additionally, the accommodation of electronic payment will get dispatched for you around the same time provided that you sent it before 7 PM EST.

FAQs at GLSPay

  • Can I Skip Payment With Global Lending?

Yes, you will be able to defer one or more payments on your auto loan and you need to connect with the global lending service related to the deferral first though and you can’t pay or rock collection calls and ultimately a repossession. 

  • How Do I Pay My GLS Bill?

You can make a call to customer service at 866-464-0269 and make a payment:

  • You have to make a sign in to your account and then select the one-time payment or recurring payment. 
  • Then, you have to select the payment method and then enter the amount. 
  • Make sure that credit cards are not accepted at this time. 
  • You need to enter the information and then submit the payment. 
  • How Do I Make a Car Payment to Global Lending?

Your account number is available to call the free automated phone system at 1-888-798-3783 and if any payment made by using the automated system is proceed free of charge. In terms of making the payment with the agent, you can make a call at 1-866-464-0269. 

  • What Happens When You Miss 2 Car Payments?

If you miss a payment on your car loan then don’t worry but act fast. Two or three consecutive missed payments may lead you to repossession which will damage your credit score and some of lenders have adopted a technology to remotely disable the cars after one payment is missed. 

  • What is GLSPay Financing?

Global Lending Services LLC is one of the Atlanta-based automotive subprime lending companies which provides financing to franchise auto dealerships in the United States. GLS is introduced by the auto industry veteran, Douglas Duncan and it is partnered with the new york based investment firm blue mountain capital management. 

  • Who Owns Global Lending Services?

You need to know that the global lending service is owned by Steve Thibodeau who is the CEO of the company. 

  • How Big Is Global Lending Services?

Global lending service has more than 600 employees and the revenue per employee ratio is $83,095 and the global lending services peak revenue is $49.9M in the year 2021. 

  • When Was Global Lending Services Founded?

It was founded in the year 2012 and the company originated $1.5 billion in auto installment contracts and servicing more than 11,000 dealers and helping the other 80,000 customers finance vehicles. 

  • What Industry is Global Lending Services?

Global lending service, LLC mainly provides financial services and the company specializes in auto finance GLS serves the car dealership and customers in the United States. 


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