GiftNetOnline – If you are the one who uses the platform then this article is going to be very helpful for you. With the help of this article, you will be able to understand the complete process of how to claim a gift online with a code.



So, if you are interested to get to know about this process then you have to stick to this article to understand the complete details about it. So, keep reading this article to know all the possible details. 

Gift Net Online to Claim Gift Online with Code at


Let’s have a look at some of the quick notes of it. So, check out all of them properly in a simple and easy manner. 

  • You can be able to claim the gift online with the company code on the official website
  • Also, the claiming process will simply take nearly one minute to get completed. 
  • Also,  you don’t need to enter your email address as well. 

The gift net online service mainly allows the users to simply make the gift claim online. Also, in terms of claiming the gift, the user needs to have the company code where the gift is coming from. Also, the users who don’t have the company code can be able to speak with their local human resource department and simply ask them for the company code which they have to enter at Gift Net Online. The HR department will not look up for the employee like they are having the lobsters crawling out to their ears. 

Questions Or Concerns about Gift Net Online?

For immediate assistance, you have to simply contact the gift net customer assistance and to the general helpline which is available at 1-800-999-3462 in between, 8:30 AM to 8 PM ET Monday to Friday. Also, the call center will close on weekends, and TTY services are mainly available. The questions can also get directed to the particular gift net online email support team which is available at [email protected]

You also have to include the nature of the question and also you have to enter the company code, and also the return email address. Make sure that this process will take 3 business days to get completed. 

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Final Verdict:

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