If you are one of the people who uses the credit card then you know very well how beneficial it is for the people who are having small businesses. Chase Bank also comes up with its Ink credit card for the people who are running a small business. – How to Get Invitation Number?

Also, the chase provides the three different types of Ink credit cards which are:

  • Ink Cash Business Card
  • Ink Bold Business Card
  • Ink Plus Business Card

All these three cards are having their different-different features and also their own benefits as well. So, if you want to get any of these cards then you need to have an invitation number by which you will be able to get these cards. So, here in this guide, we will provide you the invitation number guide which you must need to know. 

The 2 Types of Application Letters That Chase Sends Out to Potential Customers

You need to know that the Chase bank will send the application letter in bulk to the customer who is looking for a credit card. You will get the invitation in two different manner like:

  • Prescreened Letters. 
  • Letter of Invitation to Apply. 

These letters are completely different and in this case, you have to take proper time to read the complete explanation before you proceed with your application. 

Prescreened Letter

If you get the prescreened letter then you need to know that your credit score will gets pre checked and you need to be preapproved for the particular Ink credit card which is provided by the on the basis of your credit score. Also, the federal law states will also provide the offer in the mail by the issuer which can’t get altered by the issuer. You must read the agreement before responding to any of the offers. 

Letter of Invitation to Apply for Chase Credit Card

As per the invitation letter to apply, you are required to get invited to apply for the particular credit card and also the chase doesn’t see or also doesn’t check for the credit reports or also the credit score as well. The only decision to get the approval will completely depend upon the chase if you apply for any of the Ink cards. Also, you  need to keep one thing in your mind along with the Prescreened letter or the invitation to apply and you are not guaranteed approval for the particular credit card by Chase. Also, one of the best parts about it is that the letter will not affect your credit score or also your credit reports until you apply to the offered card and receive that card as well. 

How to Use Invitation?

You can simply be able to reply to an offer in a very simple manner with the help of the link which you will receive in your mail. Also, when you make a click on the link then you will get redirected to the chase offer website where you are required to enter the zip code and also the invitation number which consists of a 12 digit number you receive on your mail. 

Also, the last and the final decision to respond to the invitation sent by the chase for the Ink will always lie in your hands. 

How to Choose Between the Three Chase Ink Cards?

You can simply be able to select in between three of them which will completely depend upon your business needs. If you are willing to apply for the card which will not have any type of annual fee and also which will provide you the best rewards on all the purchases related to the business then you can simply be able to opt for the Ink cash business card. 

Also, if you are willing to get the discounts or the services such as travel and hotel accommodations along with the annual fee ten you can simply opt for the bold and Ink plus but you need to know that the Ink bols is one of the premium charge card and you are required to pay the complete balance on every month. 

The Chase Ink credit card is one of the best first-rate credit cards for the people who run their own business. 

What About a Slate Card Instead?

If you prefer to get a chase slate card then you have to check out this whole article to know the process of activation and much more. 

Activate Your Chase Credit Card

There are lots of methods by which you can be able to activate your chase ink card in a simple manner. Check out the methods which we are sharing below 

Method 1: Via Phone Call

  • First of all, you need to make a call on their official activation number which is 800-432-3117. The phone number for the card activation is also available on the card envelope. We suggest you use the same phone number at the time of applying for it. 
  • At the time of activation, you need to enter some of your personal details like you need to enter your credit card number, yoru SSN number, date of birth and also you need to answer some of the personal questions as well which you have selected at the time of applying for this card. 
  • After following all the on-call instructions, your chase credit card will get activated. 

Method 2: Through Website

If you don’t want to activate your card by phone call then you can also be able to activate your card with the help of their official website. You have to follow the steps which we are following to get to know the process of how to activate a Chase credit card online. 

  • In terms of activating your Chase credit card online, you have to create your Chase account. It is really important for the chase card users to create a personal chase account online for the security purpose of their card. 
  • When you create your chase account online then you need to fill out a form where you need to enter some of your personal details. You need to ensure that you enter all the details correctly which you have used at the time of verifying your card. At the time of creating your chase account online, you need to enter some of the details like:
  • Your new credit card number. 
  • Social security number or Tax Identification Number
  • Email ID
  • Full Residential Address
  • When you successfully create an account then you have to enter your login details to make a sign in into your account. You can simply be able to explore your account section and also you have to follow the on-page instructions in terms to activate your newly received chase credit card. 

So, these are the process and methods of how to activate a new Chase credit card. These processes and methods will only take a few minutes and when your card gets activated you will be able to start purchasing the online things with the help of the credit card. How To Verify Chase Credit Card?


When you receive a new credit card then you need to ask to verify it first to start using it. The process of verifying the Chase credit card is really easy and simple as similar to the process of activation. You are required to simply verify the card before using it to make online purchases. As like the other process of activation, there are also two different methods which will be helpful for you to verify a new Chase credit card. 

Method 1: By Phone Call

  • In order to verify a new Chase credit card, you are required to make a call at 1-888-489-7249. 
  • When you dial this number then they will ask you to enter your personal details like your credit card number, date of birth and also your social security code and much more. 
  • After entering all the basic details, your new chase credit card will get instantly verified. 

Method 2: Through Website

  • As you are already having a chase account then you need to make a visit to the official website of chase [] and then simply make a sign in by using your account login details. 
  • Then, you have to make a visit to the official credit card verification page which you will see on the main page when you make a sign in. 
  • Simply click on the My Account option. 
  • Then, in that section, you will see your new credit card. 
  • You will be asked to activate a new card and in that case, you have to make a click on the Yes button in the prompt window. 

So, that’s all. These are the methods to verify a new chase credit card. When you complete the process of verification then you can simply be able to start using your card to do online shopping and also be able to perform several functions. You can follow the same process to actob the different Chase credit cards. 

Chase Invitation Number at

If you are willing to get a chase freedom unlimited card then you are required to have an invitation number. You need to check out the process carefully. 

Chase Customer Service

If you get stuck in between the process of activating your Chase credit card then you can simply be able to take help from the Chase customer service with the help of their contact details. 

  • Customer help for technical support: 1-800-935-9935
  • Social Media: twitter and Facebook. 
  • Domestic Chase Military Services: 1-877-469-0110

Additional Tip:

When you create a new Chase account online then you are required to make a visit to the card benefits page in order to get some of the other benefits which will be associated with your credit card at Also, every chase credit card will come up with the extra bonuses and also with the reward system. Also, the card benefits page will display some of the active benefits which you can be able to avail by simply making a proper selection from that page. 

Final Verdict:

So, finally, we have shared all the details about which is available at Also, if this article is helpful for you then do share this article with other people so that they also get benefited from this article. If you have any issues or queries related to this article then feel free to connect with us by simply dropping your comment below.

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