EDPerformance Com – Not all students learn at the same pace nor every child is having the same instructional needs. The students like to perform well if they are having personalized instructions that are targeted at every student’s proficiency level.

Scantron’s performance series and achievement series will constitute scantron’s assessment solution which simply helps the educator to meet the accountability requirements and also raise the level of student achievement.

EDPerformance com

EDPerformance com

Point Out your student proficiency level quickly at EDPerformance Com.

Scantron Solution to Enhance Student Performance Guide

Performance series is one of the bases of academic achievement and it is a computer adaptive test that mainly targets the instructional level of every student. When the test gets completed then the result will be available online immediately and the student’s ability is also evaluated. It is time efficient for the teachers and also for the students as well. 

Available subject areas are mainly reading life science and inquiry. The students will take the online test which is adjusted to their ability level and generate more difficult questions if the student is answering correctly and if the students are answering incorrectly. In this manner, the students don’t need to spend unnecessary time on the items which are too hard or too simple, leading to less time testing and more time learning. 

Also, it allows the teachers to simply create an individual learning plan for every student on the basis of their needs. If your school buys the scantron performance series product then make click on the student login or staff login button and then simply enter your school site Id. The administration also enters the staff Id and password. You can simply ask for technical support or download the restricted mode online test by making a visit to the link on the top right of the page the performance series. You can simply download the performance series PDDs or also request a demo from the performance series info section. 

Apart from the performance series, scantron also offers the content-neutral, highly flexible testing product which is mainly known as the Achievement series. K-12 educators will use this product to simply develop and also to administer online and also paper-based tests and capture immediate results and create standard-based reports as well. 

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