The CEFCU Routing Number is the routing number of the most famous bank in the USA. The routing number of the CEFCU Bank Routing Number is given below in the article. You can read many informative things in this article about CEFCU bank.

If you are a member of Citizens Equity First Credit Union and do the funds transfer frequently then you should check the post carefully. You can also know about the routing numbers, CEFCU address for mobile banking, direct deposit, and wire transfer along with the CEFCU location near me and phone number.

CEFCU Routing Number

CEFCU Routing Number

CEFCU stands for Citizens Equity First Credit Union Routing Number. The CEFCU bank was founded in 1973. In the beginning, it was widely known as the type of federal credit union.  Its headquarter is located in Peoria, Illinois. The CEFCU bank was established to provide many financial services to Caterpillar Tractor Company’s employees.

About Routing Numbers

Routing Numbers are can also be referred to as Routing Transit Numbers, Aba numbers, or Check Routing Number. The routing numbers are the 9 digit numbers assigned to financial institutions as identification numbers by the American Bankers Association (ABA). This routing number helps in identifying the financial institution on which the payment is drawn.

The routing numbers of the bank are the same for all the branches but only differ by the state. Routing numbers may differ for checking accounts, wire transfers, prepaid cards, saving accounts, IRAs, lines of credit.

CEFCU’s routing number is 271183701. The routing number can be found on the check at the bottom. It is left to the group of numbers. The check number is again at the bottom of the check, at its right.

CEFCU Online Banking Login

CEFCU Bank Login

Below are the steps provided to check open the CEFCU online banking-

  • You can online login to the CEFCU bank by step by step instructions given below-
  • Open the home page by typing the official site.
  • Click on the sign-in option if you already have an account.
  • Search for the link to Access my account.
  • A new page will open, then enter the login ID in the login ID section.
  • Enter the password in the password fields.
  • Search for how to enroll.
  • Click on the signup button.
  • Enter all the information’s asked.
  • You can generate your own user ID and password.
  • It may take some time or some days to create your account.

The customer service number of the CEFCU bank is 1(855)3227288.

Instructions for Routing/Writing

You should have a SWIFT code and a routing number to start with. The number can be determined by the state of the bank branch. CEFCU’s routing number is 271183701. To get started with how to wire money, you may either go online or visit the nearest CEFCU branch.  Prepare the listed information -:

  • Domestic- around 24 hours of processing time.
  • Name and account number of the creditor.
  • Routing number
  • Name of the bank
  • Bank’s international address- processing time of approximately 7 days.
  • Your name and account number
  • Routing number – 271183701
  • Swift code – CHASUS33

CEFCU routing number for mobile banking and direct deposits

The CEFCU bank provides all types of financial services to its customers. Similar to other USA financial institutes, it offers the facility of direct deposit, wire transfer, and mobile banking with the routing number. CEFCU routing number allows the customer to initiate and complete the transaction with their users for the transfer of funds from one account to another. The CEFCU routing number is necessary to complete all these transactions-

  • Check payment
  • Online money transfer
  • Direct fund transfer
  • Wire transfer
  • Electronic transaction
  • Mobile banking
  • Bill payment
  • Check payment
  • Other online

You need the CEFCU routing number if you want to transfer funds through wire transfer or direct deposit or with mobile banking, so it should be saved with you.

The list of the CEFCU routing number with the branch and address can be checked on the link given below-

7/16/2012 CA Citizens Equity First Credit Union5401 W DIRKSENPEORIA, IL 61607-0000309 633-7000
6/12/2013 CA Citizens Equity First Credit Union[VLY CU SJ]5401 W DIRKSEN PKWYPEORIA IL 61607-0000309 633-7000
1/23/2012 IL Citizens Equity First Credit Union[CIT EQTY FED CR UN]5401 W DIRKSEN PKWYPEORI,  IL 61607-0000309 633-3413


How to use CEFCU wire transfer to fund wires?

Citizens Equity First Credit Union provides many low-cost transfer services to its members, which include incoming and outgoing domestic wire transfers.

However through an intermediary bank with a multinational network, an international wire transfer can be received. The following information is required to start and complete an outgoing domestic wire transfer.

  • The financial institution fund’s name will be wired.
  • Routing number or the transit number is required of the financial institution.
  • Complete address of the receiving financial institution.
  • Recipient’s name
  • Wire recipient’s bank account number.
  • Amount to be wired.

Fees for the CEFCU wire transfer

To send or receive funds through mobile banking and online banking, the fastest way is wire transfer. So, a little fee is charged for providing this facility of direct deposit and wire transfer.

You have to visit a CEFCU branch office near your location or contact a member service representative for a detailed overview of the associated fees and the overview of the wire transfer process.

About Fedwire Routing number

Fedwire transfer is the most convenient method for transferring funds and doing the business transfer through a various bank account.

This can be used for international as well as domestic transactions in which no check or cash is involved, rather the balance of the account is directly debited.

The sender has to provide his account number and the bank name, the city and the state of the bank to receive, the receiving account number, and the bank’s routing number.

ACH Number

The Automatic Clearing House number is the 9 digit number. It is used to make a payment or collect funds through the ACH network which is completely efficient, accurate, and reduces expenses.

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Final Verdict

CEFCU Routing number detailed information is given in this article. CEFCU Bank Routing number You can make use of all the services the bank offers.

We hope that the information provided above in this article was more interesting and informative for you and these details will be helpful in executing all kinds of online transactions and mobile banking.

You can also comment on us in the comment box to know more about routing numbers and wire transfer instructions for all credit unions and all banks in the USA.

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